Company name: TEKSTIL DIJANA doo, SRBAC

Company ID: 4401266600002

Business sector /subsector: Textile / underwear production

11 Novembra bb


+387 51 740 157

+387 51 745 611

Number of employees: 35

Responsible person contact: Dusko Djukic

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2008

Short company profile:

Family company Tekstil Dijana d.o.o. was founded in 1989.
The product line incorporates many years of experience in the textile industry, the creativity of young staff as well as the knowledge and desire to take the place of one of the highest quality manufacturers of cotton underwear in
Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In the past few years, the company has successfully exported products to countries in the region, and is also establishing itself as a stable and reliable partner of retail chains in the European Union market.
The confirmation of successful work and production of the finest cotton underwear is found by the company in its decades-long presence on the domestic market.
The production of cotton underwear is currently performed by 35 employees with a tendency to increase the number of employees, and the production processes are performed on the most modern machines that are currently available in the world of textiles.
In addition to the production of the finest textile underwear, the company has recently started the production of knitted fabrics from finely combed cotton yarn, so that the final product are made in-house and of 100% cotton.
In addition to the production of cotton underwear, the company Tekstil Dijana offers the service of knitting cotton yarn of all numerations on circular knitting machines from well-known world manufacturers such as Meier, Albi, Jumberka. Our knitting facility is equipped with 50 machines and quality of knitted fabric is 16G and 18G for various width of fabric.
In our dyeing facility we can offer dyeing of knitted cotton fabric in various colors. With our extensive product range you can get the utmost out of your colors. Our dyeing auxiliaries impart the desired depth and brilliance to colors. They help to achieve the necessary color fastness and color maintenance without fading – so that brilliance and color depth are preserved for a long time.
Continuous new developments of products and processes help to save time, water and energy. In this way you have an optimal color yield, less costs and lower CO2 emission.

Product details:

We produce underwear, nightwear, T-shirt s and other products for babys, children, man and woman, as well as 100% cotton knitted fabrics. Our products are based on 100% cotton, and fabrics we use in our production are made from 100% combed cotton.
Annual production capacity: 300 000 pcs
Annual production capacity usage, in %: 50%

Markets of the interest for the company:
We have interest to export final products on the EU market.

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store
E-commerce/ Online store

Detailed information:
Our company have complete production process, from knitting, dyeing, stabilization, tailoring, sewing and packaging of final products that represents advantage in modern business