TEM Mandeks Ltd.


Company name: TEM Mandeks Ltd.

Company ID: 4272000360001

Business sector /subsector: Metal Processing / Electrical Industry

Varaždinska 2


+387 39 704 414

+387 39 706 763

Number of employees: 98

Responsible person contact: Mladen Mandić

International quality standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AAA certificate

Short company profile:
TEM Mandeks d.o.o is family owned production company, market leader in wider Balkan area in production and wholesales of electro materials. Pioneer in smart home solutions development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Specialized for use of injection molding technology, metal sheet processing, hardware and software development, production of molds. With over 30 years of production experience and own R&D department we are developing and producing high quality products in electro installation industry. More than 70% of turnover is made in 15 export markets. We are constantly investing in new technologies, improving our production processes and capacities, investing in education of employees and ultimate satisfaction  of customers. From the end of 2015 we have started production business in Croatia, where is located a daughter company Mandeks d.o.o. with core business of injection molding specialized for automotive industry. Also, in 2017 Pimatico  d.o.o., specialized  for hardware and software development in home automation, become part of TEM Mandeks.

Product details:
Production is organized in closed space area, with total surface around 7.400 square meters. Machinery park is in range from 50 up to 500 tons of clumping force, with capabilities of production plastic parts weight up to 1.125 grams per shot. In metal sheet processing, we are capable to punch coil in 2.500×1.250 mm dimension, thickness up to 6 mm. Bend parts 3 meters long and powder coat parts high up to 2 meters, wide 1,5 meters and 20 centimeters thick. Main product lines of TEM Mandeks are switches and sockets for domestic use, accessories for installation of switches and sockets, such as: round and square boxes for brick, hollow and concrete walls, floor boxes, aluminium and PVC trunking system, enclosures for circuit breakers and multimedia with plastic and metal doors for on-wall and in-wall installation, other wiring accessories and smart home solutions.


Markets of the interest for the company: European Union markets

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler


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