WB6 CIF Market Access Database & Market Intelligence Database

In order to support intraregional and international trade and export of Western Balkans companies, WB6 CIF has developed a unique digital tool – Market Access database consisted of 4 modules with different functions and roles.

  • Supply chain
  • Business to Business
  • Event Management
  • Supply and Demand

Supply Chain Module aims to connect the WB6 companies which are interested in participating in global and regional supply chains with multinational corporations (MNC) looking for new suppliers from the Western Balkans region. This online module provides initial business-to-business support by enabling supply chain interactions of WB6 companies with potential multinational corporations and other strategic partners, allowing them to showcase their products and/or services.

B2B module is used as a place where WB6 companies can find potential partners, promote their goods and/or services and find appropriate partner(s) from the region. Register your company profile, find potential partners and make contacts in aim of successful future business cooperation and widening of business network.

Event management module provides possibility to companies to participate in relevant/interesting events organized by WB6 chambers of economy and to prepare for active participation, acquire knowledge, be informed in a timely manner and be informed about business events. Within this module companies have opportunity to organize meeting with potential partners and establish cooperation. In order to make it easier to navigate and organize, a mobile application is available, too.

Supply and Demand module allows to companies to promote and offer their products and/or services and find distributors in WB countries. According to their needs, companies have the opportunity to find a supplier partner and procure the necessary products and/or services from partners from the WB region.

Join regional and global supply chains

  • become supplier of the big regional or multinational companies
  • find your potential partner promptly and easily
  • find products or services that you need
  • promote and offer your products or services to potential partners
  • participate in numerous events and programs, stay informed
  • your data is secured and protected
  • you have immediate access to your profile and you can update your information at anytime
  • you can reduce the cost of advertising your products or your company – you are only one “search” button away fromother potential partners

(registration and use of the Market Access Database is FREE OF CHARGE)

Step 1 – Register and create Your company account on WB6 CIF Market Access database at www.market-access.wb6cif.eu

Step 2 – After registering, log in with your credentials and fill in all required fields so that your company’s profile can be visible on the platform (information about the company, products/services, employees, markets, certificates, etc…)

Step 3 – Your profile has been created! You may start to review profiles of other companies and contact potential partners

The „Market Intelligence“ database provides to the companies an overview of wide range information in one place which are useful for business establishment, but as well for its continuity and improvement. Before export / import of goods, visit the Market Intelligence database and find out:

  • macroeconomic indicators for WB region
  • information about prices of products that you want to export or import
  • tax information of specific products
  • market trends for countries of your interest
  • regulations before placing a product on the international market

For more information please visit www.market-info.wb6cif.eu

Become a part of Western Balkans Supplier Development Program jointly with few thousand registered companies and participate in numerous events and programs that we offer.


Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania
Uarda Llazi, info@uccial.al

Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Stanislava Perišić, stanislava.perisic@komorabih.ba

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce
Muela Ibrahimi, Muela.Ibrahimi@oek-kcc.org

Chamber of Economy of Montenegro
Vladimir Tomić, vtomic@pkcg.org

Economic Chamber of North Macedonia
Sanja Nikolova, sanja@mchamber.mk

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
Marko Mandić, wb6cif@pks.rs