Company name: Travelo BIH Sarajevo

Company ID: 4303375570006

Business sector /subsector: Services (Administrative services and event management).

Kemala Kapetanovića 36


+387 61 929 121

Number of employees: 2.

Short company profile

Travelo BiH is a local company focused on providing high-quality services to local and international clients. We started off as the first agency focused on educational tourism in BiH, however, very soon we added new business lines – online administrative services and event management (organizing business meetings, conferences and seminars). Based on years of experience, we understand project management, human resources and administration in all its aspects and complexities.

What we offer to clients:

– efficiency;
– efficacy;
– cost saving work arrangements;
– quality services.

Product details

Travelo BiH has three lines of business:

1. Administration (virtual office management and other services for your company);
2. Tour operator for educational tourism;
3. Conferences and Seminars.

Markets of the interest for the company: Germany, USA, Sweden, Austria.

Type of the partner the company is interested in:

–Companies interested in outsourcing related to event management and office management.
–Educational institutions interested in educational tourism.