Company name: Lion Logistics d.o.o. Sarajevo

Company ID: 4202639540002

Business sector /subsector: Services (Customs regulation, Transport and logistics).

Braće Baljić 1c


+387 33 767 200;
+387 61 154 213

Number of employees: 1.

Responsible person contact: Admir Bećković.

Short company profile: LION LOGISTICS d.o.o. Sarajevo is a logistics company, 100% domestically owned, a family company, which deals with a comprehensive service of forwarding, import / export, transport and storage of goods. We provide services in the field of international and domestic freight forwarding, customs brokerage, organization of all types of transport, warehousing, delivery and distribution of goods throughout B&H and the world.

Product details:

● Receipt and confirmation of disposition;
● acceptance and processing of customs documentation;
● tariffing of goods according to the customs tariff;
● making calculations for goods;
● insurance of goods ordered by the customer;
● reporting of goods at the border, mediation for approvals of border inspection services;
● obtaining approvals, decisions, certificates and other necessary documentation from the competent authorities;
● issuance of customs documentation for customs clearance of goods for regular import / export, temporary import / export, procedures with economic effect, simplified procedures …;
● attending the customs inspection of goods;● placing goods under customs control – storage;
● pledging a customs guarantee;
● engaging own funds to pay customs and VAT;
● collection and control of customs documentation after customs clearance;
● submission of documentation after customs clearance;
● other actions in the interest of the customer, and in the jurisdiction of the international freight forwarder.

Markets of the interest for the company: B&H, Turkey, EU Market.

Type of the partner the company is interested in:

–Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler;
–Retailer/Franchisee/Exclusive shop/Chain store;
–E-commerce/ Online store;
–Contract Business;
–Manufacturer of final products;
–Supplier of components;
–Joint investment partners;
–Others, please specify: IOR importer of record.

IOR importer of record, Our EOR / IOR solutions meet all your needs in different scenarios:

• importing and delivering your products to your cross-border market;
• establishing and managing a critical inventory in your cross-border market;
• collecting your receivables from your customers in your cross-border market;
• retaining the title of goods when shipping your goods temporarily to your cross-border market.