Company name: Aida Commerce Sarajevo

Company ID: 4200562400005

Business sector /subsector: Miscellaneous Sector/Recycling.

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+387 61 355 563;
+387 33 638 467

+387 33 762 470

Number of employees: 34.

Responsible person contact: Nejra Džanković-Šehić.

International quality standards: ISO 4001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, Creditworthy Certification 2021.

Short company profile: 

Aida Commerce d.o.o. since its founding in 1988 deals with the recycling of secondary raw materials, primarily scrap iron, aluminum, copper, batteries. Since 2013 the company started the activity of recycling plastic, paper, nylon, cardboard as well as wastewater and oily water treatment. In 2015 we started disposing hazardous and non-hazardous waste as well as medical waste, thus expanding the range of activities and improving business conditions for the benefit of our clients. In addition to the above, we also sell ferrous metallurgy, construction materials, tools, cutting and abrasive materials, as well as welding equipment.

Aida Commerce d.o.o bases its business, among other things, on the idea of a good neighbor and a company that is responsible for environmental protection and strives to carry out its work activities with the least possible adverse effects on the environment.

Accordingly, Aida Commerce d.o.o. undertakes to:

• Implements and continuously improves the environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015;
• Complies its operations with the requirements of applicable laws, regulations and obligations;
• Prevents environmental pollution by adopting new technologies and selecting appropriate means and procedures in the disposal and recycling of secondary raw materials, wastewater and medical waste;
• Cares about the safety and health of employees;
• Develops awareness among employees and stakeholders about the importance of environmental protection and their role in it.


1. Sarajevo Canton-Ministry of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection No. 05-23-23772 / 12III dated 31 January 2013. yr.;
2. Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism No. UPI-05 / 2-23-11-73 / 14MK dated 20 June 2014. yr.;
3. Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism-Medical waste No. UPI 05 / 2-23-11-149 / 14MK.


When performing works, we use rich and diverse equipment, which we continuously procure and update. In addition to equipment for wastewater and oily water treatment as well as equipment for medical waste treatment, we have a large fleet consisting of vacuum tanks, transport trucks, forklifts, paper presses, presses for cutting all types of materials, construction machines for cutting scrap iron, and other tools necessary for this activity. We have a store of construction materials with a large assortment, primarily of all types of pipes, tools, which is designed in the manner of a metal center where everything can be obtained from metal. All equipment has the appropriate certificates for operation and vehicles transporting hazardous waste ADR certificates. We continuously and promptly monitor changes in legislation in this area, so that we have all the necessary solutions and permits from the competent institutions to legally and legally perform our activities.
Currently our company is expanding its facilities in brand new recycling center at Krivoglavci, Vogošća.

Product details:

Aida Commerce is the biggest recycling yard in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the widest range of services and waste treatment machinery in the country.
Aida Commerce primary goal is to export waste that is not recyclable in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Primarily we are interested to export hazardous waste to EU countries that by law and regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina are not applicable for final disposal in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to lack of incinerator facilities.

Annual production capacity: 30 t.

Advantages and specific company’s products/service in comparison to the competition are:

  • Widest range of recycling machinery;
  • Biggest company on the market;
  • Specialization and knowledge in the field;
  • Steady and growing markets of recycling;
  • Growing business and company;
  • Well known brand of company.

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