It was established in 1958 and it consists of 43 national chambers, representing about 2000 regional and local chambers with more than 18 million member companies in Europe.</p> <p>The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been its member since 2001.<br /> Address: Avenue des Arts 19 A/D, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium<br /> Tel: + 32 -2- 282 08 50<br /> Fax: + 32-2-230 00 38<br /><br /> e-mail: [email protected]


Association of Balkan Chambers
The FTC BiH has been a member of the Association of Balkan Chambers since 2003, and until that period it had been an observer. The ABC gathers 10 countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Monte Negro and Turkey).<br /> Seat ABC-DIHK:<br /> Iskar Street 9, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria<br /> Tel: + 359 298 05396<br /> Fax: + 359 2987 2758<br />


Regional Cooperation Council
The Regional Cooperation Council has replaced the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe that was adopted in 1999. Its priority is regional cooperation and support to European and Euro-Atlantic Integrations in South Eastern Europe.<br /> Address: Sarajevo, Trg BiH, 1, Bosnia and Herzegovina<br /> Tel: ++ 387 33 561 700<br /> Fax: + 387 33 561 701<br /> e-mail: [email protected]<br />


World Chambers Association
– The FTC BiH renewed its membership in 2009;<br /> – Providing opportunities for participation in regional and inter-chamber projects of importance for regional development</p> <p>– INCOTERMS</p> <p>– Arbitration


International Road Transport Union
Bosnia and Herzegovina being a part of the TIR system – Implementation of the TIR Convention</p> <p>The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the UINO BiH has met all operative and technical requirements for implementation of the TIR Convention.</p> <p>The bearers of the operative and technical activities on behalf of transport companies of BiH are Transport and Communication Sector – TIR Department of the FTC BiH, the UINO BiH Customs Sector for customs activities, while the education of transport operators, BiH transport companies, fright forwarding companies and customs officials will be implemented by the Institute for Education.


European Computer Driving Licence
ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) or ICDL outside Europe, is a global standard of computer skills of final beneficiaries, enabling the candidates to obtain an internationally recognized certification. This certification has been passed by more than 6 million candidates in 146 countries and it is identical in all the countries since the Curriculum as well as exam questions are being developed by teams of experts in the ECDL Foundation, and are being submitted to its members. (</p> <p>The ECDL is introduced in many primary and secondary schools in Europe as an obligatory subject. Many large companies such as Siemens, BP Oil, Volkswagen etc, many international institutions (European Commission, UNESCO, NHS – National Health Service), as well as Employment Agencies have the ECDL education centres, conducting testing of their employees.

Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The FTC BiH, as an observer (modelled on the status of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the OIC) has been participating in the activities of this Chamber Association since 1996.</p> <p>Islamic Chamber gathers national chambers from over 50 countries.<br /> Address: ST 2/A, Block 9, KDA Scheme 5 Clifton, P.O. Box 3831, Karachi-75600,<br /> Pakistan<br /> Tel: + 9221 587 47 56<br /> Fax: +9221 587 07 65<br /><br /> e-mail: [email protected]


International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association
FIATA Freight Forwarders School presents a modern method of education and synthesis of</p> <p>logistics principles of modern logistics operations in the world, presented through the education program and modern freight forwarding activities. Interrelations of material, energy, and information flows are subjects to principles of intensive coordination and integration of all systems and processes through which trade flows are being transformed spatially, temporally, and qualitatively on the path from producer to consumer. The application of modern learning methods enables students to start solving the fundamental task of modern international freight forwarders, which makes the principle released of all concerns about shipping or delivery of goods, as well as all related tasks.</p> <p>Through education process, FIATA Freight Forwarders School aims at giving a contribution to the creation of new profiles of logistics- fright forwarding experts, educated to design and manage the logistics systems and processes.</p> <p>The education process is implemented through basic twelve-module programme in accordance with the Curriculum and FIATA Freight Forwarders School minimum standards.</p> <p>Confirmation of Freight Forwarders School is presented by FIATA CERTIFICATE as the only accredited institution for conducting training and conducting examsin South East Europe.
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