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Company name: Mc Stella Ltd

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Business sector /subsector:  Metal  Machinery; Automation,  Metalworking machine tools, Machinery for paper and paperboard production;

Muhameda Omanovića 10

77230 Velika  Kladuša

++387 (0)37 772-377

 ++387 (0)37 772-198

Number of employees: 25

Responsible person contact: Alma Ljubijankić

International quality standards:

Short company profile: The company was founded in 1998. It is 100% privately owned, employs 25 people and is active in the metal and electrical industries. MC-Stella  main activity are: electrical installation works for domestic and industrial installations of strong and weak currents, and soon a specialized store of electrical materials will be opened according to the system from light bulbs to substations. In a couple of years, it has grown among the leading companies in the Una-Sana Canton in the field of electric power and electrical construction, and it has especially distinguished itself in the construction of 20 kV high voltage networks and 10 (20) 0.4 kV substations with power up to 1000 kVA. In addition to a number of jobs in the power industry, MC Stella has recently expanded its activities to the field of Automation, from its application in buildings and control systems to the automation of industrial processes. The company is based on 100% private capital, and its headquarters are located in Velika Kladuša.

In the metal sector, steel and other metals are processed. Precision Machining – Hydraulic Pressing, Milling, Turning, Drilling, Joining of Complex Steel Elements, Precision Welding, CNC Metal Working. In the electrical industry, we assemble control cabinets and individual elements for electrical appliances. We produce steel container corners and assemble control cabinets wire harnesses for containers.

Product details:

Electrical installations: Business buildings, industrial facilities, households;

Transformer stations: Column and concrete up to 1000 kVA;

Construction of low and high voltage power networks;

Lighting: Streets, plateaus, halls;

-Design of electrical installations and plants;

-Inspections, measurements and issuance of appropriate certificates in the power industry;

-Sales of electrical materials and electrical equipment;


 We offer complete solutions for:

-Management and control in buildings

-Industrial automation

– Machine automation;

Automatic control equipment;

-Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs);



-Terminals and other equipment


Electrical installations

  • Business and residential buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Households

Transformer stations;

Prefabricated concrete;

Electricity networks

 Low voltage

  • High voltage power lines;
  • Low voltage;
  • DC voltage;

Lighting for:





Projects of electrical installations and plants:

  • Business and residential buildings
  • Industrial halls
  • Power grids

Examinations, measurements, certificates:

  • Testing the correctness of electrical installations, lines and plants;
  • Measurements and issuance of certificates;

Markets of the interest for the company: European Union markets

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store
E-commerce/ Online store
Joint investment partners

We are interested in mass production of single steel and other metal components that are incorporated into finished products and metal structures.

We are looking for partners for long-term cooperation, manufacturers in the metal and electrical industry who are interested in the manufacture of certain semi-finished products, components of metal structures or electrical appliances in Bosnia and their export to the EU.

Detailed information:


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