Company name: Storia d.o.o. Vogošća

Company ID: 4202439700005

Business sector /subsector: Wood industry (prefabricated houses).

Igmanska bb


+387 33 425 180

+387 33 425 181

Number of employees: 8.

Responsible person contact: Adis Zečević.

Short company profile:

Main activity of the company is design and manufacture of custom-made furniture and exhibition furniture. The new product includes an object of modern living, a high level of luxury – a mobile modular house. Production activities on the prototype of the house are in the realization phase. The final facility will be presented to the market by the end of the year.

Product details:

In producing a modular house, we are guided by the philosophy of bringing nature to man, and with all this, as a concept of a mobile home, we create a sense of security to create our home where we want and how we want.

By adding the SMART function, we offer the complete technological comfort of a modern way of life in any natural environment.

By developing our own “smart home” – software solutions, we offer the possibility of managing absolutely all electrical devices in and around the building through a single application.

This solution reduces energy consumption. Our product is made of raw materials of organic origin, and does not disrupt natural cycles either in the production process, or in the process of long-term use, or after eventual disposal, because it is 100% recyclable.

The service life of the materials to be installed is longer than the average human lifespan.

Annual production capacity: 25 pcs.

Annual production capacity usage, in %: 50.

Markets of the interest for the company: EU market, primary Austria.

Type of the partner the company is interested in:

–Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store;
–Joint investment partners.


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