Company name: Krivaja - Tvornica montažnih kuća d.o.o. Zavidovići

Company ID: 4218486030003

Business sector /subsector: Wood Industry (Production of prefabricated houses, wood joinery and wood-Al joinery, glued laminated wood and other joinery and elements).

Radnička 2


+387 32 878 064

+387 32 878 065

Number of employees: 175.

Responsible person contact: Sabina Heljić.

International quality standards: ETA 09/0230, MPA OTTOGRAF, ISO 9001:2015.

Short company profile: Krivaja TMK Ltd. is specialized in the design and manufacture of modern low energy houses and energy efficient joinery. Designed with care and made for maximum comfort, Krivaja low energy houses reduce energy consumption to the minimum. With a tradition spanning 60 years to rely on, Krivaja continues to manufacture using the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology. We are the team of more than 200 employees, including a full engineering department and specialist in off-site construction. Continued improvement support the company’s efforts to enhance quality and allow it to offer the best custom products to its customers. All our products come fully certified, including the European Technical Approval certificate from Otto-Graff Institute Stuttgart, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and the CE mark.
Krivaja TMK is proud to have one of the most modern factories for the manufacture of prefabricated houses in Europe. The brand new Randek® production line and computer controlled Hundegger® CNC machine ensure absolute precision and the quality of each individual component of Krivaja houses.
In addition to low energy houses and joinery, Krivaja TMK offers glued laminated timber (lld) and wood wool cement boards (wwcb) as cost efficient and environmentally friendly insulation solutions. Over 1.5 million sqm of houses built worldwide, from Curacao to Norway, as well as a range of certificates awarded to the company speak for the quality it provides.

Product details: Krivaja low-energy houses are carefully designed and manufactured to the highest level of comfort while having the minimum energy requirement. Our building system exceeds the performance of site-build homes while minimizing resources, waste, and CO2 emissions. Our houses are all over the world, just in the last decade we have worked in three continents and more then 20 countries. All our houses are custom built and come with full certification and minimum 30-year warranty.

Krivaja energy efficient joinery is the new innovative system of windows. Every window is produced in accordance with an individual specification, without compromising on delivery times. By combining the best wood and premium fittings from Gretsch-Unitas and Hoppe, we ensure that every window is made by highest European standards of quality with some of the best u-values available.

Krivaja glued-laminated timber is factory’s tailored natural structural material that is economical, strong and good to look at. Glued-laminated timber is a highly engineered, stress-rated product. It permits new uses, enhances the natural beauty and extends the enduring qualities of wood. Krivaja Homes is one of the oldest suppliers of glulam in the area. With more then 50 years of experience, we offer complete and unrivaled expertise from service and support to manufacture and installation.

Annual production capacity usage, in %: 85.

Markets of the interest for the company: EU market.

Type of the partner the company interested in:

– Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler;
– Agent;
– Contract Business;
– Supplier of components;
– Manufacturer of final products.


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