Company name: Grossist d.o.o. Prijedor

Company ID: 400673960009

Business sector /subsector: Forestry and Wood industry (timber and lumber production, production of wooden and prefabricated houses and accessories, production of outdoor playgrounds and children areas, production of outdoors sitting and resting areas).

Branislava Nusica 33


+387 52 216 316

+387 52 216 316

Number of employees: 16 – 17.

Responsible person contact: Ratko Macanovic.

International quality standards: FSC standard.

Short company profile:

An experienced, accomplished and results orientated company with wide experience in lumber production, specialized for production of wooden and prefabricated houses.

An exceptional company, able to develop team work concept with costumers with strong ability to manage different scales costumer’s projects from conception to successful completion.

Tradition is hard wired into company’s core values, confidence and history. In 2006, Ltd. Grossist started production of sawn wood using all available types of wood.

In 2008, production area was upgraded with wood drying kiln and laminated beam plant what gave company opportunity to place itself at the lumber market offering superior quality of wooden and prefabricated houses and outdoors accessories (wooden tables, benches, playgrounds, chairs, dog houses).

Ltd. Grossist got silver spirit level reward for wooden house on Granes fair 2010. Our potential business partners are local and foreign companies involved in floor installation, assembling of tables, chairs, wooden houses, usage of laminated beams in construction projects on the EU territory.

Product details:

Technological capabilities, expertise and considerable experience in the production of timbering and wooden elements represent our core competency in development of a wide range of products. According to costumer’s requirements considering the quality, dimensions, and quantity, following products can be offered: non-dried and dried timber, interior and exterior floor coverings elements, laminated lumber and elements for wooden carpentry, wooden houses, garden houses, belonging elements and accessories.

Annual production capacity: sawn wood capacity 8.000 m3, drying sawn wood up to 2.000 m3, production of wooden objects/houses up to 20 pcs of different sizes.

Annual production capacity usage, in %: Current usage of production capacity is cca 40% of the maximum capacity. Production could be organized in two shifts with respecting available number of employees and technical capacity. The latest company innovation is CNC machine for processing of wood accessories such as tables, chairs, doors , different wood elements.

Markets of the interest for the company: EU market, Near East, Saudi Arabia and Emirates (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait) markets.

Type of the partner the company is interested in: buyers could be wholesalers of wooden products or construction companies that do assembling of houses (wooden, prefabricated, etc.).

–Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store;
–E-commerce/ Online store;
–Contract Business;
–Manufacturer of final products;
–Supplier of components;
–Joint investment partners.

Grossist takes dedication, courage, passion and a lot of work to establish reputation of company that can be trusted.

All products all been made from high quality material from FSC forests.
Grossist  is a production company that values an eco-friendly and healthy living environment. With these values in mind, production is organized in a way that will leave future generations with a worthy living environment.
Our prefabricated houses are modern solution for building an energy efficient house fast, with high quality that has proven itself over the years with its durability and sustainability.
Our laminated beams and panels are modern, environmentally-friendly and flexible panel which features excellent load-bearing capacity.


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