Company name: JP Una Nacionalni Park d.o.o. Bihać

Company ID: 4263553380001

Business sector /subsector: Tourism (Nature protection, sustainable development).

Bosanska 17 D


+387 37 221 528

+387 37 221 528

Number of employees: 11.

International quality standards: „European charter for sustainable tourism in protected areas“ Europarc Federation, „White Flag Certification“ guwaa.

Short company profile:

The NP UNA main role is preservation and protection of natural and cultural values by ensuring viability of the traditional activities and arts, and sustainable introduction of new activities such as tourism, recreation, education and scientific research, where the local population gets the conditions for quality of life and development in harmony with nature.

Product details:

“Una” National Park is a relatively young protected area, an undiscovered destination for many tourist markets, very attractive and fascinating.


–the largest waterfall on the river Una “Štrbački buk”, 24.5 meters high, very attractive, magnificent and really special and unique;
–waterfall “Milančev buk” which is located in Martin Brod, and is the largest complex of smaller waterfalls or travertine barriers over which the river Una flows and is currently on the tentative list for inclusion in UNESCO;
–the settlement of Kulen Vakuf, specific in its position, because it is located above the river Una and is surrounded by old fortifications, and offers the opportunity to enjoy the hiking trails.


Geo-traffic position, temperate continental climate, proximity to the airport: Zagreb 140 km, Banja Luka 140 km, Sarajevo 330 km. Close to Plitvice Lakes National Park 30 km.
Also in the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Una” National Park has an advantage because it offers an active outdoor tourism, vacation in a natural environment, in rural households, without mass tourists.

Annual production capacity: 117.000 paid visits in 2019.

Markets of the interest for the company: Regional market, Europe, Asia, the Middle East.

Type of the partner the company is interested in:

–E-commerce/ Online store;
–Joint investment partners;
–Travel agencies, tour operators, sports associations, non-governmental organizations in the field of nature protection, scientific research organizations, academic communities, nature lovers, individual visitors.