Company name: Kuna d.o.o. Visoko

Company ID: 4209184890004

Business sector /subsector: Textile industry.

Ozrakovići bb


+387 32 737 216;
+387 61 268 598

+387 32 737 216

Number of employees: 43.

Responsible person contact: Adnan Kunić.

Short company profile:

’KUNA’’ Ltd. Visoko is a company for manufacturing, trade and services, based in Industry zone Ozrakovici, Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Established in 1987 as craftsman shop and from 2000 as limited liability company and expands it’s production capabilities.

Company is proud on it’s heritage and long-term tradition in manufacturing PPE. All our products and models are made and shaped through close cooperation with our customers needs as a result of long tradition and extensive experience in manufacturing. Historically and worldwide well known, City of Visoko, has a long tradition of manufacturing leather products. Same leather is used in our products, keeping the tradition alive.

Every year, we extend our product portfolio, for domestic market and for export and all according to the customers needs all through our brands.
Our vision: Become a regional leader in PPE manufacturing for professionals!
Our slogan: Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Made for professionals!
Our mission: Manufacturing of PPE for professionals

Our line of PPE made for welders are certified according to EN 13688 and EN 11611 by Centexbel.
Our line of MIG/MAG welding gloves are certified by Centecbel according to EN 420, EN 388 and EN407
Our line of leather mechanical gloves are certified by Mirta-Kontrol according to EN 420 and EN 388
Our line of ApiGloves for protection against insect stings are certified by Mirta-Kontrol according to EN 420 and EN 388.

Product details:

Our products are grouped in 6 categories, key advantage of our brands is internal high quality standards in clothing and choice of materials! Our slogan, «Made for professionals» follows our philosophy of production for professionals made by professionals.

Annual production capacity usage, in %: 100.

Markets of the interest for the company: EU countries.

Type of the partner the company is interested in:

–Joint investment partners;
–Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store;
–Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler.

Most of our products are made as a solution to a customer problem. Our main advantage is to provide a solution to the existing problems by developing new prototypes to address the problem, test the prototypes, make improvements until the products meets the requirements. Product certification by Notified body, technical file generation and put the product in mass production.