Company name: D.D.D. Zaštita d.o.o. Stolac

Company ID: 4272296200004

Business sector /subsector: Production of textile clothes.

Humska bb


+387 63 025 035

Number of employees: 15.

Responsible person contact: Ivana Pušić.

Short company profile:

We produce protective work clothes, work suits for different occupations, medical suits and other work clothes.
Our engaged workforce includes 45 seamstresses, and we especially emphasize the fact that we are currently a women-only company.
Our production facility and company site are located in the city of Stolac (Humska bb). We imply strict standards in our production to ensure the highest quality levels. We take our responsibility towards customers very seriously and continuously optimize our products.
Through our long experience and specialized machinery, we have capacities to fulfill the needs and requirements of our clients. We worked for different customers from Croatia, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

Product details:

Our main production program includes the production of laminated textile materials. We have a top-quality seam-sealing machines as well as other specialized machines which makes us a leading company in our region. For our existing customers, we mostly produce jackets, trousers and overalls, made of top-quality materials which are waterproof and windproof and therefore suitable for different weather conditions.

Annual production capacity: 16500 jackets, trousers 2850, overalls 14500.

Annual production capacity usage, in %: 80.

Markets of the interest for the company: European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy etc.).

Type of the partner the company is interested in:

–Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler;
–Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store;
–Contract Business;
–Others, please, specify: Lohn business.