Company name: Enker dd

Company ID: 42180404880003

Business sector /subsector: Spark plug and industrial ceramic factory

Bukva 14  

74260 Tešanj 

+387 32 650 124

+387 32 650 830

Number of employees: 250

Responsible person contact: Mr.Rizo Fejzic

International quality standards: ISO 9001

Short company profile:
Enker spark plug and technical ceramics factory was founded 1974 as member of Energoinvest holding company. At the begging production takes place under license of UK company Smith Industries Limited, manufacturer of the world famous brand KLG England.  Enker is an export oriented company, and 95% of total production is exported to all 5 continents. The annual production is 15 million spark plugs, 2 million ignition electrodes and 200 tons of technical ceramics. Enker successfully meets the highest requirements and quality standards, and is among the firs companies in the region which harmonize their operations according the ISO 9001 standard. Enker is certified by TUV Munich.

Product details:
SPARK PLUGS for petrol motors for any type of car in the world ( more than 300 different designs of spark plugs).
– Spark plugs with one,two ,three or four electrode,with resistor or without him.
– Accordin to customer requirement we also produce a central resistor spark plugs with platinum on the top ( long life ).

Confirmation of our quality is export of our product on all continetns around the world .

TEHNICAL ( ALUMINA ) CERAMIC with high percent of Al2O3.
Parts which are made of tehnical ceramic are:
• Ceramic tubes for thermo elements or as a heater carrier;
• Tools for extruding of clay in a brick factories;
• Ceramic piston for pump’s;
• Paper industry elements;
• Ceramic linings for pipeline and for parts who are exposed to wearness.
• Elements for wire and cabel industry;
• Other machine elements that are used in high temperatures condition ,elements with good cemical resistance, hardness, high surface quality and good electrical insulation etc.
Material quality has DIN standard C530; C610 ; C795 and C 799 label.Tolerance level is made according to DIN 40680 standard.

• Kitchen cookers;
• Cookers and kiln;
• Other devices who also need high voltage ignition.
• Electrodes are made of kanthal,while the ceramic ( insulating part ) is made of ceramic that is used for a spark plug’s insulators.
• Range of voltage that electrodes are tested to is 15 up to 25 kV.
Enker produce more than 250 different designs of ignitions electrodes according to standard performance ( Enker standard ) and customer request performance as well ( for customer request, please send us drawing or sample of electorode ).

Markets of the interest for the company: EU and USA

Company is interested in: Wholesaler, Business, Manufacturer of final products, Supplier of components

Detailed information: The main advantage of our company is that all necessary components are produced in house and that way we can control quality from the begining of production till the final product.


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