Metal and Electrical industry

Alpro a.d. Argerr d.o.o. Eagle Technology Enker dd
Metal industry and Engineering Spark plug and industrial ceramic factory
Elcom d.o.o. IGMAN” d.d. Orao a.d. Pobjeda d.d.
Defense industry – Small Arms Ammunition Aero – Engineering Metal sector, Automotive
Ragni – IC Mostar SIM Technik d.o.o. Triometal d.o.o.
Electrical equipment and public lighting Metal and engineering Metal construction and engineering
TIKT Manufaktura Wagner Automotiv  Medena Commerce  RM-LH ltd
Metal processing and tool production, Automotive industry Metal and Electrical Industry /Automotive Industry Metal processing Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
ELNOS BL d.o.o. Termolektro Oprema d.o.o. Elvaco MetPro
Electro-energetic sector Company for design, production, sale and installation of thermal energy, process, thermotechnical and industrial devices and plants according to the engineering system Metal Industry