Education Department

Nowadays, needs for lifelong  learning and education of managers and professional development of employees are more intensified than ever  but particularly in those enterprises that are more technologically advanced and export oriented. Market challenges on one side and  competitive pressures on the other require managers and staff members to generate new ideas and to get updated knowledge that can be attained only through systematically organised continuous education and professional development.

Being aware of this,  Education Department primarily defines, prepares and carries out  professional development educational programmes for managers and employees investing in their knowledge necessary for productive work  and motivation  that is absolutely essential for efficient entrepreneurship in contemporary modern dynamic business environment.

Education Department operates for more than two decades in the field of professional development and continuous education focusing on, in the first place, entrepreneurship and management. The members of the Chamber are offered a variety of different educational products such as seminars, trainings, thematic conferences, in-house education, and it is expected that new forms of education through on-line learning will be offered in near future.

Some examples of  educational programmes that are tailored made for businesses are as follows: Economic Diplomacy, FIATA Freight Forwarders, Foreign Trade, EU Funds, Supply Chain Management, Digital Academy, IRU Academy and so on.

Vision of the Education Department is to become one of the best performing centres of this kind in Bosnia and Hercegovina offering high quality educational programmes to its clients.

Mision: „To motivate economic entities for adoption of new ideas, knowledge and skills through quality educational programmes and professional development“

We are open for cooperation with national and international partners in education  for the benefit of business community worldwide.


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