Company name: Argerr Ltd. Sarajevo

Company ID: 4202152910009

Business sector /subsector: Metal industry and Engineering.

Vilsonovo Setaliste 9


+387 33 902 136

Number of employees: 7

Responsible person contact: Ermin Smajlovic.

Short company profile:
Argerr Sarajevo was founded back in 2015 solely as engineering company and in year 2019 we have expanded into company mainly focused into CNC machining. Our headquarters and engineering office are located in capital city Sarajevo, while manufacturing plant is in city Bugojno, 1.5 hours away from Sarajevo. Machine park includes CNC milling, CNC turning machines, and high volume CNC lathes.
90% of our partners are from abroad and we are mainly export oriented company, some of the markets we are currently working with are Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.

We produce variety of metal parts and components with highest quality and we are able to satistfy all standards governing our machine park.  

Annual production capacity: up to 30 million positions for automatic lathes.

 Annual production capacity usage, in %: 20.

Markets of the interest for the company: Balkans, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands.

Type of the partner the company is interested in:
–Contract Business;
–Manufacturer of final products;
–Supplier of components.

We possess huge capacities for CNC turning which is hard to find in local market and we are able to deliver products efficiently.


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