Wind Ltd.


Company name: Wind Ltd.

Company ID:

Business sector /subsector:  Purchase and processing of scrap metal and deal with purchase and sale of Euro pallets.

4. August bb, Istočna Ilidža ( Krug FAMOS-a, Hrasnica)


061 754 118; 062 170 938;

Number of employees: 7

Responsible person contact : Nermin Selman

International quality standards:

Short company profile:  The company Wind GmbH  started operating in 2001 with its headquarters in Kiseljak as a company whose main activity at the beginning was the sale of firewood and production and sale of charcoal, after which the company changed its business and began to deal with the purchase and processing of scrap metals and purchase and sale euro pallet.

Within its activities, Wind doo has been successfully recognized within the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, acting as an exporter.

By expanding business activities and increasing infrastructural needs, Wind Ltd. opens business units in Hadžići na Stupu and Hrasnica, and in 2020 the company changed the headquarters of the company from Kiseljak to East Ilidža, Ulica 4. August bb, Hrasnica (FAMOS circle) to own business land where its own business building with all the accompanying facilities was built and where the activity is performed on an area of ​​800 m2.

There is also a large truck scale within the company and truck weighing services are also provided.

• Buying and selling Euro pallets;
• Purchase of scrap metal;
• truck weighing;

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