Veritas Automotive Ltd.


Company name: Veritas Automotive Ltd.

Company ID: 4218747100004

Business sector /sub-sector: Metal Processing Industry /Automotive Industry

Rajlovačka bb

71000 Sarajevo

+387 33 782 785

+387 33 782 785

Number of employees: 400

Responsible person contact: Malik Ramić

International quality standards: ATF 16949, ISO 14001

Short company profile:
Veritas Automotive, based in Sarajevo, was established in 2011 as a member of the PoppeVeritas Group, which has existed since 1849 and is one of the global leaders in the rubber, plastics and metal sector for the automotive industry. The headquarters of the PoppeVeritas concern is in Germany, with 14 production sites around the world, about 5,000 employees and a turnover of approximately 630 million euros. Our customers, leading manufacturers of cars Daimler, VW, Audi, GM, BMW, Ford and others, have recognized the quality of products and are our best reference. Our production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment, we work in a team of educated and highly skilled professionals, who upgrade their knowledge on a daily basis, but also transfer them to new members of our team. As a partner of leading car manufacturers, we approach the issue of product quality very responsibly. Veritas produces parts with no defects, parts that have a long service life, meeting the highest quality standards. The feedback from our customers confirms that the quality of the product in Veritas is in the first place.

Products and services
1. Production of fluid systems for the automotive industry
2. Fluid systems for distribution of fuel, SCR-Ad Blue, water, oil and air
3. Plastic products
4. Injected plastic components
5. Extruded pipes

Technological processes and techniques:
1. Plastic extrusion
2. Plastic mold injection
3. Plastic welding
4. Thermoforming of plastic
5. Assembling

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: EU, China, Mexico, Turkey

Type of the business partner the company is interested in:

Additional Information:

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