Tvornica alata Goražde


Company name: Tvornica alata Goražde

Company ID: 4245001520005

Business sector /subsector: Tool production

Višegradska bb                                                                              

73000 Goražde

+387 38 221 912

+387 38 221 797

Number of employees: 65

Responsible person contact: Adnan Tabaković

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2015

Short company profile: Tool factory Goražde “TAG” is a company with 60 years tradition in industrial tools production. We exist in today’s form since 2002 as one of the four companies formed out of the former “UNIS Pobjeda” Company that existed as part of the “UNIS” Corporation.

Our basic activity is processing of various metal parts, with or without thermal treatment, production of various types of industrial tools, mainly for military, automotive, metal, and chemical industries.

Production process is mainly based on CNC technologies, especially in machine processing of various metal parts and industrial tools production.

We employ 65 highly skilled and motivated employees who are of the vital importance in flexibility of production process and fulfilling demands of our numerous business partners. Their further education and skills improvement through established sustainable partnership with educational institutions and organizations in our city is our mission.

Possessing ISO 9001:2015 certificate is additional guaranty for quality of both, our production process and our products.

Product details:
Uniqueness of our services and products is the flexibility of our business process and fulfillment of high demands of our customers. We meet almost every demand from our customers and our products are mainly custom-made.

Markets of the interest for the company:

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store
E-commerce/ Online store
Joint investment partners

Detailed information: Our business partners include some of the most renowned companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad such as Pobjeda Rudet d.d., Unis Ginex d.d., P.D. Igman Konjic d.d., Bekto Precisa doo., Prevent FAD d.d., Prevent Components d.o.o, Emka Bosnia d.o.o., Trikom d.o.o., AC Unity d.o.o., MDG International Sarajevo, Civic d.o.o. Cazin, VAS GmbH Germany, CAD Konstruktion GmbH GErmany, IMB Comerc Slovenia etc.


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