TMD-Hanibal Ltd.


Company name: TMD-Hanibal Ltd

Company ID: 209094550000

Business sector /subsector: Metal machining

Sarajevska bb                                                                               

76250 Gradačac

+387 62 726 426

+387 35 816 738

Number of employees: 70

Responsible person contact: Nahid Topalović

International quality standards:  ISO 9001:2015

Short company profile: Tool shop ”TMD Hanibal” Ltd was founded with a tendency to implement the highest technology in order to meet the high quality standards required by customers. Our goal is to become development partner to companies in European Union countries.

”TMD Hanibal” Limited Liability Company was estabished on September 1st 1999 when it privatized a part of the then motor parts factory ”TMD Gradačac” and opened a production plant – tool shop.

Our mission is to provide quality machining services.

To become one of the leading partners of European Union companies in the field of metal machining.

In terms of business on European market, a quality plays significant role not only in providing new markets, but also in retaining the existing ones. That is why ISO standards come to the fore because today’s customers not only expect a quality product, but also require proof that the company is capable of producing quality products or providing quality service. ”TMD Hanibal” has proof of quality – Management quality system certificate ISO 9001:2015 issued by an ndependent international certification body. ”TMD Hanibal” operates in accordance with internationally recognized standards. ISO 9001 certificate proves a high level of quality compliance essential for all international tenders and agreements. Access to new local and global markets By introducing ISO 9001 certificate, we show that our organization is committed to achieving high quality and great customer satisfaction. By ensuring a high level of quality, our organization opens wide business opportunities in both local and international markets.

Product details:

Tools, welded structures, spare parts


Construction and production of special purpose tools

Production of high precision spare parts

Production of mechanical power transmissions



Heat treatment and surface protection

Markets of the interest for the company: European Union markets

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store
E-commerce/ Online store
Joint investment partners

Detailed information:


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