Tišler-Prom Ltd.


Company name: Tišler-Prom Ltd.

Company ID: 4209033330007

Business sector /sub-sector: Wood Industry / Manufacture of other builders’ carpentry and joinery

Vida 1 bb

76250 Gradačac

+387 35 852 090
+387 61 151 239

+387 35 852 090

Number of employees: 16

Responsible person contact: Selimović Mejasa

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2008; CE mark

Short company profile:
Tišler-Prom represents one of the leading companies in the field of carpentry in our region. Years of experience, contemporary technology, flawless design and modern business conduct aimed primarily at quality and 100% customer satisfaction has resulted in the positioning of our company in the top manufacturers in southeastern Europe. By constantly keeping up with world carpentry trends, we strive to remain innovative, creative and always ready to comply with customer’s needs. Whether it is a hotel, residential condo, business premises or private households, in our wide range of products you will certainly find something that will suit your needs. We also do custom woodwork. The customer can choose type of product, color and finishing work. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified, as well as the CE mark certified – a certificate of production quality.

Product details:
– Interior doors
– Entrance doors
– Windows
– Shutters
– Blinds

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company:

Type of the business partner the company is interested in: 

Additional Information:
All our products are made of first-class spruce / silver fir wood dried on a maximum humidity of 8 to 12%. The paints we use are not harmful to nature or human health. Fittings, hinges, gaskets and other accessories that we use are top quality products from reputable European manufacturers.

Products Catalogue:


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