Tesla Ltd.


Company name: Tesla Ltd.

Company ID: 4400182630007

Business sector /sub-sector: Wood processing / Production of furniture

Obala 48 Kladari Donji

74480 Modriča

+387 53 820 200

+387 53 811 710

Number of employees: 50

Responsible person contact: Goran Jovićević

International quality standards: 9001:2000; ISO14001:2004

Short company profile:
Company Tesla Ltd. from Modrica is a private business where beside the owner Mr Jelisije Jovicevic,  his two sons and members of immediate and extended family are engaged. The owner has started private business  in 1980 as independent electrician and plumber. He found independent craft  consignment shop “TESLA” in 1994 and company existed in that form until 1999. That year it has become Ltd. company which runs business according to ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. The main business of company is making furniture. Company has 50 employees at this moment whose qualifications satisfy production process, sale service and maintenance. Company has own business and manufacturing facilities with size of about 5000 square meters. Production, showroom and warehouse are placed in that space. First business activity of company was selling electrical and plumbing material, sanitary elements and providing installation and service. Based on previous activities management has assessed  that is justified to extend activity to the production of bathroom and kitchen furniture which is done in 2004  through investment in manufacturing facilities and designing equipment. Company has established good business relations with suppliers, based on which company achieves special benefits for the purchase of production material which greatly affects the lower selling prices of products and services. The main buyers of products and services of company “Tesla” are trading companies specialized for toilets, bathroom and kitchen furniture and other legal and natural entities. The quality of products, which was confirmed by the certified home attest to check the quality of the products, is reflected  in modern design, high level of finish which is carried out on modern production equipment and meeting customer demands in terms of quality, delivery and prices of products.

Product details:
– Kitchen (Custom-Made Kitchens; Chipboard Kitchen; Mdf (Medium Density Fiberboard) Kitchen; Veneered Kitchen; Acrylic Kitchen; Rustic Kitchen; Modern Kitchen)
– Children’s Rooms
– Living Rooms
– Bathroom Furniture
– Built-In Wardrobes
– Doors
– Bedrooms
– Lobby
– Office Furniture
– Interior Decoration

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: EU

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