Tamex Ltd


Company name: Tamex Ltd

Company ID: 4236056350002

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing – production of furniture

Kaćuni bb

72264 Kaćuni, Busovaća

+387 30 547 777

+387 30 547 778

Number of employees: 400

Responsible person contact: Ibreljić Taib

International quality standards:

Short company profile:
In the small town of Kaćuni (Busovača) not far from Sarajevo, exactly 25 years ago, the Ibreljić family turned their dream into reality. They started a small wood processing business, and by hiring about 10 workers, their story began, which continues until now. Today, the company has more than 400 employees and is almost entirely export-oriented. We are not guided only by material interests in our work. We can boast that above all we put the interest of our customers, to whom we offer low prices and high quality original products that are intended for all age groups, from the youngest to the oldest. What we are especially proud of is that Tamex d.o.o. with its product development, played a key role in shaping the wood industry sector in BiH. Today, the company is focused on exports by redirecting its products exclusively to foreign markets. You can find our company’s products all over Europe and most of them are exported to Austria and Germany. The quality of the Ibreljić family’s products is evidenced by numerous certificates, but also the interest of customers to whom TAMEX owes gratitude for the long-standing trust they place in us and who have made us a renowned brand in the wood industry.

Product details:
Solid wood beds
The most important part of the bedroom is definitely the bed, either for one person or a double bed. And the most important thing for the bed is the material from which it is made. In our country, oak and beech are the most common, knowing that solid wood is high quality, environmentally friendly and the highest quality solution for this piece of furniture.

Our wardrobes come in different styles and sizes so you can choose the one that best suits you, your clothes and your space. You are sure to find a functional and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe of ideal dimensions for your space.

Our range consists of an excellent selection of dressers for every part of the space in your home: living room, hallway, bedroom, bathroom. We have a solution and inspiration for your every request, whether you are looking for a functional piece of furniture in the dresser or just a decoration for the space.

Dining Tables
Dining tables should be solid, high quality and of appropriate dimensions. We offer non-extendable tables as well as extendable tables.

Living room tables
Living room tables as well as other products are made of solid oak and beech wood. Our range consists of club tables and bar tables that exude style and are adorned with resistance to mechanical and chemical damage.

Solid boards
With us you can get various types of solid boards of different quality and dimensions. These boards regulate the humidity in a natural way, provide a pleasant atmosphere, and meet all hygienic conditions. The standard dimensions of the boards are given on our website.

As it is known, we take care of our nature and resources, so we try to use everything, even sawdust after wood processing, which we use to make briquettes. Every day, briquettes become more and more important and represent the highest quality ecological energy source and fuel that is produced in accordance with ecological norms. It is 4 times more efficient than wood and is suitable for all types of fireplaces, stoves and boilers.

Custom-made furniture

Markets of the interest for the company: Austria and Germany
Company is interested in:
– Importer / Distributor / Wholesaler
– Representative
– Retail / Franchise / Retail chain

Additional Information:
In the production of our furniture, we attach special importance to the economical use of resources, the use of environmentally friendly varnishes and adhesives, which proves that we are environmentally aware and take care to reduce negative environmental impact, improve health in working environments and reduce all possible risks to end user health.


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