Steel Project Ltd.


Company name: Steel Project Ltd.

Company ID: 4236657780004

Business sector /sub-sector: Metal Processin / Production of machine parts and metal structures

Mehmeda Spahe 1

72290 Novi Travnik

+387 30 525 055

+387 30 525 055

Number of employees: 85

Responsible person contact: Mirza Rizvić

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2015; EN ISO 3834-2; EN 1090-2:2017

Short company profile:
The core business of the company is the poduction of machine parts and metal structures. As a Start-up, we were established in the Municipal Court in Travnik and registered as a limited liability company under the activity code 25.62. Metal machining. An export-oriented company that strived to break into the EU market with responsibility and quality, we managed to achieve significant results step by step in a short time. By renovating the machine park, renovating and training the staff, we managed to grow as a succesfull medium-sized company.
Every day we want to show that we can because our young team of locksmiths, welders, cnc operators and engineers wants to stay and create new values ​​in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Product details:
CNC Processing
STEEL PROJECT d.o.o. in a short time managed to establish itself as serious and responsible for its customers in the field of CNC metal processing. We can offer:
– CNC MILLING by special pieces or series
– CNC TURNING into special pieces or series

We offer our clients abroad the production of special cylinders for heavy hydraulics, serial production of cylinders and technical solutions for hydraulics. In addition to our clients on the domestic market, we also offer fast repair of hydraulic cylinders. We offer:
– Deep drilling,
– Honing pipes,
– Chrome plating,
– Grinding and Assembly.

Cutting and welding
The basic jobs of our company were the jobs of cutting, bending and welding, which we are especially proud of and which we increase every day. Our certificates guarantee you quality and our clients will confirm the same. We are able to offer REL, CO2, MIG / MAG and Tig welding procedures, welding testing in an authorized laboratory and machining of assemblies.

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: EU

Type of the business partner the company is interested in:
–Manufacturer of final products
–Supplier of components
–Joint investment partners

Additional Information:
With the tendency to expand in January, in 2019 we became 100% owners of BNT-HYDRAULICS d.d. , the most famous domestic company for the production of hydraulic cylinders and components for hydraulics. With persistent work and investments, step by step, we set out to conquer the EU market. In April 2019, we appeared at the fair in Hanover as a solo exhibitor and that is where our first serious steps begin.

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