Steco Centar Ltd Bijeljina


Company name: Steco Centar Ltd Bijeljina

Company ID: 4402939570000

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing – Prefabricated Houses

Glavna 132

76316 Janja

+387 55 545 300

+387 55 545 222

+387 55 545 200

Number of employees:

Responsible person contact: Milenko Stevanović

International quality standards:
– ISO 9001:2008
– ISO 14001:2004
– European technical approval
– CE mark

Short company profile:
STECO CENTAR company appears in the world and domestic market of prefabricated and wooden buildings in absolutely new light of contemporary construction.
More than 20 years of experience in construction as well as several thousand buildings worldwide are our references so far.
We built and are constructing buildings of all sizes, from 10 to 5000 m2
We employ several hundred educated experts trained in all segments of construction and fast building
Our state of art production hall in the area of over 8000m2 is equipment for preparation and production of all the prefabricated elements. Presently we’ve started construction of a new factory in additional area of 4.500m2.
The present design, production and construction capacity of approx 200m2 per day is one of the largest in the region.
For preparation and construction of our buildings we select only certified materials of the top quality.
We produce our houses in the factory in Bijeljina (B&H) and market them from several regional centers: Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden, France, and in Africa (Angola and Nigeria).
Our success are thousands of satisfied customers.

Product details:
STECO construction is characterized by superior energy efficiency, which is very important, since in this way a lower energy consumption for heating and cooling is ensured.
Their insulation features make optimum solution when low energy consumption is in question.Environment awareness, energy prices and knowledge of limited fossil fuels as well as a need to decrease pollutants emission resulted in larger construction of so called low-energy buildings. Criteria for building classification into low-energy object is limitation of energy consumption to 48 kWh/m2/per year. Low-energy standard – is a comprising part of prefabricated construction comparing to conventional construction and provides energy savings from 60 to 90%.
All materials we build in our prefabricated houses are officially categorized as “incombustible” and “low combustible”, and wood as the basic element is additionally coated with fireproof gypsum or fermacell boards.

Markets of the interest for the company: Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden, France, and Africa

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler

Detailed information:
The production of STECO facilities is based on the most contemporary principles and world trends. Many years of experience, knowledge, the use of modern technology and the use of modern and ecological materials, provide you with a healthy and pleasant life.
The prefab buildings are constructed of prefab panels where the basic construction is wood. Other elements that are used for panel production ,in addition to the wooden construction are: insulation materials (mineral wool, styrofoam, stirodur..), panel materials (OSB, QSB, fermacell, gypsum boards…), joints.
Prefab houses are buildings that are not constructed at the building site, the elements produced in factory are panels or modules and they are transported to the building site. As the housed are built of elements the owner has no problem in adding new rooms or roof solar panels. These houses can easily be adjusted to specific construction location making this way of construction far more flexible and modern that earlier. Prefab houses design is a great challenge to any architect nowadays. Design becomes more and more inventive by using the various geometrical shapes and ecological materials.This is how this type of houses follow the development of contemporary architecture and sustainable way of construction and living. The great advantage is that there is no waste after construction. Prefab materials and houses are becoming more and more marketable worldwide.


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