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Company name: Sirbegovic Ltd.

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Business sector /subsector: Metal industry

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75320 Gračanica

+ 38735700960

+387 35 700 979

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Responsible person contact: Emir Čolo

International quality standards:

The company possesses the following certificates:

•Norma EN 13369:2013 – general rules for pre-cast concrete elements
•Norma EN 206:2013 – concrete: specification, features, production and compatibility.
•Norma EN 1168:2005+A3:2012 – hollow cores
•Norma EN 13225:2013 – linear construction elements
•Norma EN 14992:2007+ A1:2012 – wall elements
•Norma EN 14991:2007 – foundation elements
•DBV/ BDZ – instruction for protection concrete layer, publication 2004. (addition din 18217)
•Concrete class: cc 70 (c55/67); cc 85 (c70/85) – scc concrete
•Portland cement cem-i 52,5 N
•Fitting for concrete B550B
•Steel ropes for prestressing Y1860S7
•Concrete additives– BASF

Whole business Širbegović Engineering is focused on maintaining and improving integrated management systems according to the requirements of international systems and norms:

-ISO 9001:2015

Among the first companies in BiH, Širbegovic received a certificate according to the European standards EN-206 from the Slovenian Institute IRMA (Institute for Material and Application Research). We also have a certificate of conformity from the Institute for Construction and Building Materials and Non-Metals in Tuzla.

Short company profile: Širbegović Inženjering Ltd.  construction company, with 20 years experience in construction, specialized in project design, pre-cast construction, production, transporting and assembling construction and of pre-stressed hollow slabs, offers AB pre-fabricated elements for the construction of facilities. The Bosnian company has 20 years of experience in the construction of representative buildings in Balkan, Europe and North Africa. The company has production facilities on total area of 35 000 m2.  In past 20 years company built over 4000 objects, which is over 7 million m2 of space. The capacities are 800 000 m2 of construction per year. The company has its own transport. The company is famous for highly qualified design, engineering, construction, management and procurement team. Also, it is known for the full product line of pre–cast, complete  quality control, strategical location of production, manufacturing plants near regional railway and road network, etc.

Product details: Širbegović Inženjering Ltd. is known for the full product line of pre–cast, complete  quality control, strategical location of production, manufacturing plants near regional railway and road network, etc.   They produce a wide range of pre-cast concrete elements: foundation beam, column with and without console, “A” roof carrier, rafter, pre-stressed hollow core slab, facade slab, “TL” beam, “T” gutter’s beam, “T” roof beam, foundation footing, foundation beam.

Markets of the interest for the company: Austria, Germany, Sweden

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler
Retailer/ Franchisee/ Exclusive shop/ Chain store
E-commerce/ Online store
Joint investment partners

Širbegović Inženjering Ltd. wishes to work with experienced agents, distributors in the construction sectors who have or can have a well-developed network in the construction  markets. The company hopes to penetrate new market places and collaborate worldwide. In return, the company will provide full support and expected long-term partnership.

Detailed information:

Advantages of pre-cast construction: • continuous production throughout the year• fast delivery and assembly• good resistance to external and chemical conditions• in-house  control to the best of quality EU norms & procedures• wide-range of construction designs and building types • excellent seismic resistance• excellent fire resistance • simple maintenance •economically viable •environmentally acceptable Quality, speed of execution of works, maximum compliance with deadlines and complete offer are companies of company Širbegović, which create a key competitive advantage. Installed production facilities enable the construction of about 800,000 square meters of facilities, and are able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

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