Simpromax Ltd.


Company name: Simpromax Ltd.

Company ID: 4401492280002

Business sector /sub-sector: Metal Industry / Construction Sector

Poljavnice bb

79220 Novi Grad

+387 52 770-246
+387 52 770-245

+387 52 771-031

Number of employees: 8

Responsible person contact: Dragan Bašić

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Short company profile:
Simpromax d.o.o. is a licensed manufacturer of products from the Simprolit system. Its main activity is the production of polystyrene concrete, lightweight concrete based on aggregates from expanded polystyrene granules – Styrofoam. The comapny is also engaged in the production of building materials for the facade walls of buildings and also a complete range of building elements.

SIMPROLIT is extremely light building material, and it has by far the best thermic characteristics in concrete class. SIMPROLIT is a patent-protected compound of expanded granules of polystyrene, Portlant-cement and additives. SIMPROLIT heat conductivity practically does not depend on the moisture content in it, given an almost constant moisture percentage in material: 4% – 8%. SIMPROLIT walls normally “breathe”. SIMPROLITis characterized by high frost resistance. At 50-times repeated cycle of heating-freezing, from +15°C to -20°C, loss of strength was only 1,5% – 1,8%.
Simprolit products includes:
– Thermo-insulation facade panels
– Blocks for outer walls
– Blocks for partition walls and facade casing
– Pre-fabricated partition wall panels
– Insulation panels
– Floor and roof plates

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