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Company name: Savox Ltd.

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Business sector /subsector: manufacture of prefabricated houses and buildings, wood and wood-aluminum windows and doors and pellets.

Jovana Cvijića 5

75446 Milići

+387 56 741 500

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Responsible person contact: Slaviša Lukić

International quality standards: FSC, IFT Rosenheim

Short company profile: Savox Ltd.  is a company with decades of experience and expertise in meeting extremely large expectations of our customers across Europe. The range of projects included in the impressive reference list varies from simple and short-term to complex multidisciplinary multi-year projects. Our process of building prefabricated houses is accompanied by a bank guarantee that gives our clients additional assurance that the quality of construction will meet all agreed aspects.
Savox  was founded in 1989, and its basic production program is the manufacture of prefabricated houses and buildings, wood and wood-aluminum windows and doors and pellets. Using the scientific achievements and development of wood industry equipment, we are pushing the boundaries of quality to the highest possible standards.


-Prefabricated houses;

We produce low-energy, passive and standard prefabricated houses and prefabricated buildings for all purposes through the rohbau (rough construction) or turnkey system, considering customers’ needs, wishes, and capabilities. Prefabricated houses are significantly cheaper than masonry construction. The fact that these houses are manufactured in the plant and then transported and assembled reduces construction costs, increases worker efficiency, and drastically reduces the construction process time.

Wood and wood-aluminum joinery;

Due to the excellent characteristics of aluminum profiles, aluminum joinery has been an increasingly common choice of architects when designing buildings of various types and purposes. Aluminum profiles for joinery are characterized by low weight, high strength, resistance to corrosion and wear, ease of processing, resistance to weathering, and can be easily completely recycled. Profiles are produced by drawing high-quality aluminum. Surface protection can be plastic coating in any color from the RAL chart.

The hardware installed in joinery is also made of aluminum alloy and can withstand high loads, which is why aluminum joinery has a long service life and is suitable for installation in all types of buildings.

Aluminum joinery;

-Stairs and doors;

We make all types of stairs, whether it is the entire construction of the staircase with treads and risers or just the tread construction. We offer our clients the opportunity to actively participate in the development of the conceptual design. With a modern approach, we are sure that we will reach a solution, whether it is traditional or follows modern trends.

Our doors are made of quality wood dried in modern dryers. Joint precision and superior joinery protection guarantee you the strength and longevity of your joinery. By carefully choosing the door for your home, you give it personality and authentic appeal.

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