Saraj-Komerc Ltd.


Company name: Saraj-Komers Ltd

Company ID: 4236148040000

Business sector /subsector: Metal processing; Automotive industry

Ind. zona – Batuški lug bb

70240 Gornji Vakuf,

+387 30 265 835; +387 61 183 033

+387 30 265 315

Number of employees: 400

Responsible person contact: Emir Čolić

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, IATF 16949:2016

Short company profile:
The main activities of Saraj-Komerc are production of springs and spring elements for the automotive and electrical industry, machine, medical and agricultural machinery, and various metal parts for the automotive industry. In addition to the production of springs the production of the fuel filter covers, which is obtained through the combination of a variety of technologies such as pressing, molding, pipe bending, CNC machining, assembly, brazing in a protective atmosphere, and surface protection of metals, stands out. Therefore, the company can also provide surface protection services (welding and galvanizing) as well as brazing of metals and precious metals in flow furnaces with a protective atmosphere.

Product details:

Products and services

  1. Fuel filter covers (steel with surface protection – Zn and ZnNi)
  2. Fuel filter covers (rostfrei)
  3. Steel tubes for pumps
  4. Aluminum tubes for car coolers
  5. Springs


Technological processes and techniques:

  1. Punching
  2. Cold roll forming
  3. Turning (CNC machines)
  4. Assembling and soldering
  5. Surface protection (Zn, ZnNi and Sn)

Markets of the interest for the company: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, England, Poland, Czech Rep., Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia

Company is interested in:

Additional Information:


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