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Company name: Samatini Ltd Milići

Company ID: 4402592010009

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing – Production of composite parquet

Podgora bb

75446 Milići

+387 56 745 500; +387 65 529 429; +387 65 526 441

+387 56 745 500

Number of employees: 75

Responsible person contact:

International quality standards: EN ISO / IEC 17025; CE mark

Short company profile:
The main activity of our company is the production of original three-layer and two-layer LAMAR parquets. While initially focusing on making the bottom two layers (so-called carpet) for some of the world’s most famous wood flooring manufacturers, continuous investment, technological development and education, Samatini soon began making the top layer, allowing us to create our recognizable brand – LAMAR parquet – whose quality and longevity have proven to be an excellent reception with customers and a significant market share, especially in Southeast, but also Western Europe, and increasingly around the world.
The exponential growth of demand required a continuous expansion of production, so Samatini today has the capacity to produce 30,000 m2 of parquet and 50,000 m2 of so-called parquet carpet every month. With state-of-the-art technologies implemented in production lines, Samatini is able to produce LAMAR parquets up to 5.5 m long and up to 56 cm wide, designed for groove-to-feather joining, which simplifies installation and gives an additional level of stability to installed floors. Complete production, from processing logs to making parquet is done on modern machines that allow very high precision manufacturing.

Product details:
parquets are divided into classes according to the visual characteristics of the upper layer of wood from which the parquet lamella is made, and not according to the quality of the product.
NATUR– Free, natural arrangement of rings, without cracks or damage. Only healthy, ungrouped knots up to 5 mm (“bird’s eye”) are allowed, with a maximum of three knots per parquet board. Small differences in color and texture are allowed. Whites and color changes are not allowed.
RUSTIC – Free natural arrangement of rings, without cracks or damage. Only healthy and processed (non-dropping) nodes are possible, and the number and size of nodes are not limited, as well as their arrangement. Cracked knots can be filled. Significant changes in color and structure and due to whites are allowed.
HARD RUSTIC – Differences in color and structure are noticeable. The diameter of the nodes is not limited if it does not affect the stability of the lamella. Cracked knots and cracks can be processed and filled. Healthy proteins are allowed. This structure is characteristic of oak and gives a very lively and very rustic visual appearance.

LAMAR parquet is ready for any size of space, available in the widest range of dimensions:
– thickness: 11 to 28 mm
– width: 100 to 560 mm
– length: 500 to 5700 mm

LAMAR parquets are 100% made of natural wood, using only environmentally friendly adhesives, oils and varnishes. Production facilities are regularly improved in order to eliminate harmful emissions into nature and recycle production residues

Markets of the interest for the company: European Union markets

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler

Detailed information:
LAMAR parquets represent a new generation of parquets, whose properties have been significantly improved compared to solid parquets. The multi-layer construction of LAMAR parquet guarantees durability and longevity, which is ensured by combining several different wood segments into one whole. Thanks to their construction and joining technology, as well as the interaction of different layers of wood, compared to solid floors, three-layer and two-layer parquets are much less susceptible to various adverse environmental factors, such as inadequate moisture in the substrate or air. In this way, LAMAR parquets retain their original appearance longer, do not dry out and do not create cracks.


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