Sacom Ltd.


Company name: Sacom Ltd.

Company ID: 4200814900006

Business sector /sub-sector: Metal Processing Industry

Luka b.b.

71380 Ilijaš

+387  33 255 870

+387 33 255 876

Number of employees: 52

Responsible person contact: Muratović Kadrija

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2015; 1401:2015; BH OHSAS 18001:2007; EN 12899:2007; EN 12767:2007

Short company profile:
SACOM d.o.o. It was founded in 2003 with the aim of producing and installing fixed vertical traffic signs, protective fences for roads and the production and distribution of other road equipment. We are represented in the markets of BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia. Our primary mission is the production and installation of traffic vertical road signs, protective steel road fences, production of horizontal signs and distribution of other road equipment. Constant work on improvement, improvements in the production process, application of quality materials for product production SACOM d.o.o. have the CE mark which represents compliance with standards EN-12899 and EN 12767. Development of protective steel fences for roads and their compliance with EN standards.

Traffic signs – Traffic signs include all parts and elements for installation (including poles).
Elements of traffic signs:
– sign plate with clamp
– connecting elements
– load-bearing structure.

Crush barriers
ONE-SIDED FENCE – JO is the simplest form of fencing. The mantle is directly connected to the pillars, which can be at a distance of 4m, 2m, 1.33m, and cross-sections U, C, I.
In our range we have a fence with a column spacing of 4 m, which is specially designed for the retention level N2 with a working width of W5 in accordance with the requirements of standard EN1317.
ONE-SIDED DISTANT FENCE – JDO is a fence that contains spacers. The mantle is connected via a spacer to a pole that can be placed at 4m, 2m, 1.33m. In our range we have a fence that is specially designed for the retention level H1 with a working width of W5 and a fence H2 with a working width of W6, all in accordance with the requirements of standard EN 1317.
DOUBLE-SIDED DISTANT FENCE – DDO  is a fence with mantles on both sides which are connected by pillars at a distance of 4m, 2m, 1.33m
ONE-SIDED DISTANT FENCE ON THE BUILDING – JDOO is a fence that is mounted on a building with pillars with anchor plates that are attached to the concrete base with appropriate anchor bolts.

Horizontal signaling – With our mechanization, we provide the service of making all types of horizontal signalization on all types of roads (marking of central and edge lines, pedestrian crossings, stop lines, bus and taxi stops, etc.). We perform marking works: parking spaces, airports, sports grounds, underground garages.

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Markets of the interest for the company: EU

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