Rukotvorine LTD

Company name: Rukotvorine Ltd. Konjic

Company ID: 227226200001

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing / Furniture

Varda 2

88400 Konjic

+387 36 727 299

+387 36 725 753

Responsible person contact: Adem Nikšić

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Short company profile:

The company Rukotvorine Ltd. has been producing furniture in the style known as the Bosnian-Konjic style ever since 1927. Today, several pieces of the company’s furniture are under state protection as part of the national cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its furniture and woodcarving techniques, perfected through four generations of carvers, featured in a UNESCO publication on rare craftsmanship in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, efforts are underway to have the Konjic woodcarving technique included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list. Whilst working with some of the most talented professional designers in the Balkans, who draw inspiration from our traditional designs, the company Rukotvorine continues to develop new lines of authentic characteristic designer furniture. The company uses local types of wood, such as walnut, cherry, maple, elm, ash and oak, for production and utilizes modern technology for their processing. Exceptionally skilled craftsmen then apply the traditional manual woodcarving techniques to produce modern furniture designs with innovative carving patterns. Every piece of furniture is finished manually with environmentally friendly wood finishes. All products are unique and recognizable both in the country and abroad.

Product details:

One of the defining characteristic of Rukotvorine is our customization capacity. While at our website, you see a set of standardized products, close to fifty percent of our production is dedicated to custom designed and made to order products. We love the challenge of designing products, which blend into interiors that they are designed for, but also add a new aesthetical dimension to them. Our design and product development team gets its excitement from finding technical solutions to satisfy ergonomic, static, aesthetic, functional, and production efficiency criteria, which a product has to meet.

While our capacity is limited and not suitable for large scale contract projects, we are able to offer a range of solutions for smaller projects with customized interiors. On our team we have a full time designer and two architects. We also have a close working relationship with two architectural and interior design companies.

We offer a range of services to our clients and partners pertaining to interior design projects. We can custom produce products based on your drawings. We can custom design and build products for specific interiors. With our partners, we also have the capacity to design entire interiors, if a significant range of furnishings within those interiors is within our production capacity.

Export markets:

USA, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Serbia


Interior Innovation Award (2011),

Winner – German Design Council (2012),

Special Recognition for the Inovative Presentation – Mikser Festival Belgrade (2011)


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