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Company name: Rose-wood Ltd. Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje

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Business sector /subsector: Wood processing

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70240 Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje

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Responsible person contact: Nedžad Manović

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2000, FSC-CoC-000137

Short company profile:

Our company was founded in 1991. Since 1995 we have been manufacturing products only from high quality beech wood  (Fagus sylvatica) from the forest in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In our sawmill, yearly we process 20,000 m3 of logs of beech and produce 12,000 m3 of boards in a year. In our dryers with a capacity of 1600 m3, dry the sliced ​​material, we produce lengthy and wide-coupled solid beech boards, elements for furniture and furniture. We offer interior decoration and furniture production in series.

From quality beech wood waste we are producing ecological clean and high-calorific briquettes, and recognizable 100% beech wood pellets, with capacity of  5t / h. We export 97% of total production to countries of North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We follow the world trends and take care of the timing by using our own transportation company, so our products may arrive at the right time in the European market.

Since 2005, we have been manufacturing renewable energy sources (Green energy) in our Mini hydro power plants we will begin construction and 4. accumulation HPP on the Lašva River. In 2013, we built the first shopping center “TC Rose” in Gornji Vakuf, and in 2015 and in Bugojno.

We are located in the south-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina (map) near the ports of Ploce and Split in the Republic of Croatia. We indicate to our partners that we are ready for all kind of business cooperation.

Product details:


First production of Rose-wood d.o.o. was production of beech lumber. Today this sawmill has all sorts of beech lumber and beech elements used for solid beech boards production. Rose-wood d.o.o. owns their own steams and dryers with capacity of 1550 m3. Products are primarily used for further production of solid beech boards and furniture. Current capacity of our sawmill is 15.000 m3 a year.


Massive panels

Production of the beech massive panels started in 2006.

We produce different qualities and dimensions of massive panels. Our products are mainly sold to European market. Our capacity is cca 5000 m3 a year.

We give a great attention to the quality of our products and services. All the material gets controlled when it arrives into the production. The quality is checked during the whole production process, and at the end we operate detailed control at the exit.

With the long-term experience in the production of the massive panels we can guarantee the quality and reliable delivery.


Rose-wood pellet is a high quality product that is produced of high-calorie healthy part of wood without any binders, with moisture of 5-8%.

We get it 100% from beech, it has cylindrical shape and diameter of 6mm, with great mechanical strength, it is calorific fuel whose combustion leaves only 0,5% of ash. Since 2018. we have EN-A2 certificate which guarantee the quality.

Quality machines, employees and raw material guarantee and prove our quality. Because of that, our pellet is accepted and recognized on both, domestic and foreign market like Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

Pellet is packed into plastic bags of 15 kg, while on one pallet you can get 975 kg or 1050 kg. Calories are 19.285KJ/kg according to BAS BS EN 14918:2009.


Rose-wood briquette is a high quality product that we get from dried sawdust without any percentage of binders and bark, and moisture of 5-8%.

We get it 100% from beech, it has cylindrical shape and diameter of 60mm, with great mechanical strength, it is calorific fuel whose combustion leaves only 0,5% of ash. Our current capacity is 1300 kg/h.

Because all of the mentioned qualities, our briquette is recognized and branded on foreign markets like in Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Briquette is packed in cardboards which can weight 10, 15 and 20 kg.

Export markets:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Egypt


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