Pineto Ltd.


Company name: Pineto Ltd.

Company ID: 4218092170004

Business sector /sub-sector: Wood processing / Production of kitchens and cardboard packaging

Kakanjska 4

71300 Visoko

+387 32 73 10 30

+387 32 73 10 31

Number of employees: 20

Responsible person contact: Faruk Musabašić

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Short company profile:
Pineto was founded in 1998. It has been expanding his business since 2001, when we significantly participated in the process of investing and expanding the company, both in the production complex and in employing people. We have been producing cardboard packaging very successfully even before its establishment, even since 1984. The same production continued with the new opening of the company. Our products have long been recognizable in the market thanks to the quality and affordable prices. Production and sale of cardboard packaging such as: transport boxes to order, decorative boxes of various sizes and shapes, pizza boxes, printing them, make our products placed excellently in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. In addition to cardboard packaging, our company sells kitchens and office furniture of the renowned Italian brand Aran, which is now represented in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Kitchens Aran is one of the leading companies in Italy and in the world, 50,000 kitchens made and sold annually, representation on 5 continents in more than 100 countries speaks for itself that this is a very serious company, quality and design is the basis of this kind product. Parquet, sawn timber and elements are also one of our activities. Italian companies like Ilpol, Nardi and Aran himself are some of the customers we work with. Visit us in the Free Zone Visoko.


Reception – The “Reception” system is intended for arranging reception spaces without barriers typical of closed spaces. Its open and spacious appearance provides an easy transition from the outdoor environment to the indoor where the offices are located.

This model allows everyone to emphasize their own style. The tower is a combination of traditional and modern design, and its functionality satisfies all business needs of today.

Design, innovation, ecology, exclusivity are the characteristics of the Eidos line. Natural sophistication of style and combination of bright materials 

The unique design currently makes the erika model one of the most sought after in ARAN’s offer. It is characterized by the quality of the material, resistance to moisture. The layout of the space and kitchen elements is in line with modern requirements.

Volare represents a modern lifestyle. Varnished in more than 30 colors, high gloss or matte version. The possibility of rounded elements gives us a wide range of conceptual solutions. Its functionality, work capacity and its details are the result of technological research in Aran.

Mirò Colours
Today’s work in the kitchen should be fast and productive. This ARAN model represents the possibility of innovative living and working in the kitchen.

Pizza packaging
Souvenir packaging
Packaging for cakes and cookies
Jar and bottle box

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Markets of the interest for the company: EU

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