Palavra Ltd


Company name: Palavra Ltd

Company ID: 4236113330005

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing /Production of veneer

Nova Bila bb

72276 Nova Bila

+387 30 707 514

+387 30 707 715

Number of employees: 115

Responsible person contact: Slađana Lekić; Sanja Lauš

International quality standards: FSC, ISO 9001:2000

Short company profile: The primary activity of our company is the production of carved and cut veneer. The company is equipped with its own sawmill, two veneer manufacturing plants, raw mulch pools, dryers and computers for quality control and veneer dimensions.
In 2003, the company changed its name to PALAVRA d.o.o. and as such it becomes recognizable in the European market, and our product becomes highly valued. The development so far has created realistic preconditions for further development and a higher degree of finalization of production. We have expanded our production capacity with an additional line for cutting, drying and ironing cut veneer, and the number of employees continues to grow.
With a successful business, new ideas are born. In 2007, we invested in the production of plywood. By starting this production, we have reduced the costs of scrap and rounded off our offer in the veneer industry. Today the company has 115 employees.

Product details:
Manufacture of veneer veneer. Cut veneer, thickness 1.2 and 1.5 mm and length between 500 and 1800 mm (Class I / II, III, IV and sub-measurements) are produced exclusively from beech wood.
Manufacture of veneer veneer. This type of veneer is made of beech (natural and parena), oak, ash, maple, cherry, walnut, pear, willow, oak. The veneer thickness of the veneer is from 0.56 to 1.9 mm and the length of 500 mm to 4000 mm (class A, AB, B I C.)
Manufacture of veneered veneer. The company is equipped with the most modern Fisher + Rückle machines, designed for connecting all types of veneers.
The daily furnace production capacity is 25 000 m2, and the annual production is 6 000 000 m2

Markets of the interest for the company: United States, Morocco, Israel, UAE, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Sweden, Greece

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler


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