Nansi Ltd.


Company name: Nansi Ltd.

Company ID: 4218140240001

Business sector /sub-sector: Wood processing

Prva ulica 64

72230 Žepče

+ 387 32 684 358
+387 61 133 735
+387 61 176 618

+ 387 32 684 358

Number of employees: 95

Responsible person contact: Mujkić Kenan

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2008

Short company profile:
Nansi” is a company engaged in primary and secondary wood processing, in making finished and semifinished products and in placing their products on the market. The company employes the highly qualified labour and the production is organised in three departments on an area of around 20.000 m2, with more than 50 qualified employees. We owe vehicle fleet, wood dryers, special industrial halls and covered storage units. The main emphasis is on the quality of our products and services, thus we use only high quality wood which is constantly monitored and checked during the process of treatment and production. The final wood products are once again tested before offered to clients.

Product details:
We manufacture a wide variety of wood products. The whole working cycle, from sawing, cutting, selection and drying, to storage and transporting, is implemented with the help of the latest achievements in high technology. Even 90% of our total production is exported to many European countries. Those products include: parquets, timber, lath, lumber, latoflex, wood strip flooring, various kinds of decking. Most wanted product recently is solid wood panel, mainly made of beech wood. Those panels are width edge bonded or length – width edge bonded. We also produce massive furniture, tables, chairs and stair treads in measures that our clinets demand.
Wood raw material:
-Beech wood …………………… 60%
– Abies, spuca ………………… 30%
– Oak, ash, maple……………… 10%
Aware of the great responsibility towards the wood as an important and valuable natural resource, we carefully plan our manufacturing process . The amount of the industrial waste materials is lowered to the minimum, and the wood protection agents that we use meet all of the ecological and quality standards

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Malaysia, Egypt, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro

Type of the business partner the company is interested in:

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