MP Pandurević Ltd.


Company name: MP Pandurević Ltd.

Company ID: 4500692490000

Business sector /subsector: Metal industry (production and installation)

Miloševac BB

74485 Miloševac;

+387(0)53 870 117,  +387(0)65 567 139

+387(0)53 870 377

Number of employees: 35

Responsible person contact: Dragan Pandurević

International quality standards:

Short company profile: Company “MP Pandurević” work out production and installation of wrought iron fences, inox fences, and production of wire mesh and sieve for separation. We are located in Miloševac, a village between Modriča and Šamac, in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Miloševac is 12 km away from the national border with Croatia. In our business we have strong support in traditional knowledge and skills, acquired in 100 years work. As we keep pace with technologies, we also enrich “old craft” with new technology and high production standards.

Product details: Wrought iron fences, inox fences, elements for wrought iron and inox fences, wire mesh, sieve for separation

Markets of the interest for the company:

Company is interested in: Private individuals and companies

Detailed information:

Company video:


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