Miviko Ltd.


Company name: Miviko

Company ID: 4272283720009

Business sector /subsector: Electrical Industry

Rastovača b.b.


+387 39 852 333

+387 39 852 334

Number of employees: 122

Responsible person contact: Goran Bralić

Short company profile: We are a young company which manufactures LV thermoplastic-insulated wires and cables for up to 1 kV. Founded in 2008 in Posušje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company started up a modern factory in April 2011, complete with cutting edge technology for the production of LV electric cables. With our value chain in place and with 65 fully-trained and highly-motivated employees, most of whom are under 35, we are able to achieve high-capacity utilization rates and produce quality products, while keeping production costs low.

Product details:

Installation wires and cords for fixed wiring

Flexible cables and cords

Power cables up to 1kV

Control cables

Markets of the interest for the company: Worldwide

Company is interested in:
Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler


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