Mehanizmi B Ltd.


Company name: Mehanizmi B Ltd.

Company ID: 4401097730007

Business sector /sub-sector: Metal Processing / Manufacture of electronic home appliances

Partizanska 54A

78400 Gradiška

+387 65 452 422

+387 51 825 452

Number of employees: 130

Responsible person contact: Boban Čegar

International quality standards: ISO 9001; ISO 14001

Short company profile:
Mehanizmi B Ltd. was founded in October 2004 with the aim of producing components, devices and mechanisms in industry. The company was founded as a subsidiary of the Slovenian company “Iskra Mehanizmi” from Lipnica and is still active as the parent company today. Our main customers are Philips, Bosch, Iskra-Mechanisms, Tyco electronics… From technology we have: plastic injection molding, assembly, packaging, pad printing, laser printing, coil winding, stamping metal parts.

Product details:
The company operates a wide range of products:

Production of components and assemblies for these devices began in 2004, and finished products from Bosnia and Herzegovina emerged in 2008.
Since the beginning of 2016, our company has been supplying packaging of these products directly to markets throughout Europe and the world.
The main type of devices are DEPILATORS.
Main customer is PHILIPS.

Production of components, assemblies and devices started in 2005. The main product is CITRUS PRES devices.
The main customers are PHILIPS, BOSH and SIEMENS.

Production of pulse counters 12 V and 24 V in large series since 2008 with different connectors.
Buyers come from all over Europe and the world.

Production of time counters 12V, 110V, 220V, 50Hz and 60Hz in large series since 2004, with various connections.
Buyers come from all over Europe and mainly from the United States.

Production of fuses, switches, switches since 2008.
Customers come from Europe, Asia, America.

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: EU

Type of the business partner the company is interested in:
– Importer

Additional Information:
Particular attention is paid to human resources, investment in people, continuing education and employee satisfaction to achieve our business goals.
This is particularly evident in:
– Modern, fast and clear communication methods,
– Cooperation in learning skills.

We use modern management paradigms such as:
– people are valuable,
– The leader is a teacher
– Maximum customer orientation
– long-term orientation.

Products Catalogue:


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