Lović & Co Ltd.


Company name: Lović & Co Ltd Lukavac

Company ID: 4263289850002

Business sector /subsector: Metal processing / Production of metal parts

Donji Bistarac bb

75300 Lukavac

+387 35 541 110

+387 35 541 110

Number of employees: 50

Responsible person contact: Edis Lović

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2015; CE mark

Short company profile: Lovic & Co is a family owned company founded in 1976 in B. Dubica, and since 1996 the company has its headquarters in Lukavac. We produce trapezoidal sheets, tile imitation sheets, complete sheet metal goods, power, hydrant, mail and wardrobes as well as distribution cabinets for heating. All our products are of proven quality. We do business with over 300 construction and other companies across BiH as well as with companies from neighboring countries.

Product details: PRODUCTS

  • Sheet metal cover (Trapezoidal Shaped Metal Sheets, Tipe Shaped Sheets, Mechanical Edge bending, Anti-condensation FILC DRIPSTOP)
  • Metal sheet construction supplies (Wind or frontal batten, Horizontal or Vertical Gutters, Ridges, Metal Sheet Fascia, Dripping Edges, Cove Roof)
  • Merchandise (Joist Shields, Chimney Caps PLF and INOX, Knee pipes, Gutter hooks,
  • Metal cabinets
  • Tool trolleys and toolbars
  • Ducts for electric cables
  • Metal shelves
  • Sheet metal sales
  • Pavatex
  • Custom products


Bicycle garage : BIKE SAFETY BOX

Although it seems small, the area of ​​the garage is used to the maximum, where in addition to your bike you have space to store additional equipment. The garage floor is intended for parking your bike, and additional hooks in the roof and on the sides are designed to be used to store additional equipment such as: helmet, backpack, clothing and other equipment. The Bike Safety Box is made according to the DIY (do it yourself) system. It consists of 12 different positions, and the assembly consists of 7 steps.



In addition to a wide range of production, we also perform the service of installation of construction tin. Installation is carried out in all profiles that we produce (in the form of tiles, corrugated and trapezoidal), we mount various types of sheet metal as well as various types of insulation and ventilation.

We have over 20 years experience in the installation of sheet metal roofing, sheet metal facades and sheet metal. We have an experienced professional workforce that strives for years to be recognized for the quality of the work performed. From a small garage to the largest office buildings in TK and beyond. When installing tin roofs and more, we use only first-class materials with long-term guarantees on the material and on the works themselves.We can respond quickly, safely and quality securely to all your and your most demanding queries and tasks. We also perform the service of installation of facade and roof thermal panels.

Markets of the interest for the company: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, the Netherlands and Germany

Company is interested in:

-Importer/ Distributor/ Wholesaler


–Retailer/ Franchisee/Chain store

–Supplier of components

Detailed information:


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