Lignum LTD Lopare

Company name: LIGNUM Ltd. Lopare

Company ID: 403374580002

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing / Furniture

Mackovac bb

75240 Lopare

+387 61 552 222

+387 55 650 222

Number of employees:

Responsible person contact:

International quality standards: FSC Certified

Short company profile:

LIGNUM Ltd. of Lopare is a dynamic and evolving company with a hundred year old tradition of making solid wood products, in the first place chairs and tables. The production facility is located in the heart of a region extremely rich in beech and oak forest and close to the EU highway. LIGNUM is synonymous with quality furniture designed to meet the demands of world markets. Its staff is exceptionally well trained and has a great knowledge of complex solid wood products. The factory is equipped for the production of approximately 250,000 chairs and tables per year, but is also capable of producing other products based on solid wood. LIGNUM is currently oriented mainly towards the export of final wood products to world famous furniture retailer chains, yet its future aim is to develop more of its own designed products and own distribution channels and stores.

Product details:

  • chairs and tables

Export markets:

Germany, Sweden, Denmark


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