Kontinental Ltd Kiseljak


Company name: Kontinental Ltd Kiseljak

Company ID: 4236093980008

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing – Production of wooden joinery

Gromiljak 19

71250 Kiseljak

+387 30 872 133; +387 30 872 134

+387 30 872 290

Number of employees: 98

Responsible person contact: Bencun Damir

International quality standards:
– IFT Rosenheim;
– Instituto Giordano;
– Euroinspekt- Drvokontrola Zagreb

Short company profile: KONTINENTAL Ltd. Kiseljak is engaged in the production of construction joinery. Windows, doors, shutters are made of wood: spruce, larch, oak, merantia, and upon an order from teak. The products are made of first-class material dried in our own dryers, at an optimal 10 – 12% humidity. Quality control is performed in our own laboratory, where the properties of product quality and durability are tested. Kontinental is a company specializing in the production of first-class construction joinery. We produce windows, balcony (tilt-sliding, accordion sliding and lifting sliding doors), room (solid wood), entrance doors, sliding shutters, blindes, hinged shutters. All products are made of the highest quality dried wood: fir / spruce, Siberian larch, dark red meranti, oak, ash, mahogany sapeli, zebrano, iroko, American walnut, European cherry, and other at the customer’s request. Everything is made within the standard dimensions, and also according to the dimensions of the customer. In the final phase of carpentry processing, paint and varnish coatings are used according to the most modern environmental standards. KONTINENTAL d.o.o. Kiseljak operates in accordance with international standards and has certificates from IFT Rosenheim, Instituto Giordano and Euroinspekt-Drvokontrola Zagreb.

Product details:
Windows, doors, shutters

Markets of the interest for the company:

Company is interested in:



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