Katic Ltd.


Company name: Katic Ltd.

Company ID: 218123400003

Business sector /subsector: Metal processing,Production of parts from tools and equipment for the automotive industry

Omanska bb

74230 Usora


info@katic.ba; oliver@katic.ba

032 899 005

032 899 005

Number of employees: 53

Responsible person contact: Oliver Katić

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2015

Short company profile: Katic Ltd. is a modern, flexible company in the processing of metal and non-metal using modern CNC machines, which exports 100% to the EU. Our company is designed for individual and small series processing in compliance with high precision and delivery dates. We accompany you from the project phase and construction to the manufacture of all individual parts and modules for the machine industry. The company was founded in 1986. From that time until today there has been a significant expansion and modernization accompanied by the purchase of new machines and strong improvement in quality. Today we are a proud owner of our own production hall of 1500m2 and  of 55 employees. We have specialized in tool, device and mechanical engineering, as well as the production of test devices. We are particularly proud of the simultaneous 5-axis machining. Today our company stands for high quality standards.


By investing in employees and contemporaries we  have expanded our equipment with:

  • Development and construction,
  • manufacture of machine parts and parts,
  • Measuring device.

From machines they have:

  • CNC machining centers (Hurco VMX24 2 pcs. And Hurco BMC 30),
  • CNC lathes (Gildenmeister, Traub and Grazziano),
  • CNC milling machines,
  • Erosimate (wire and electrode),
  • Conventional milling machines and lathes,
  • Eccentric presses.

The aim of the company is to offer high-precision manufacturing at attractive prices and with delivery dates being met. Our focus is on the production of machine parts from small and large series as well as prototypes for general mechanical engineering. We process the following materials: steel, cast iron, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and plastic.

For our customers we create technical documentation and manufacturing documents for the products, 3D construction, project planning, CAM programming, 3D and 5D uses SolidWorks and Solid CAM software. In addition, we offer our customers surface treatment by galvanizing, blackening and anodizing, as well as heat treatment by hardening, riveting and case hardening












Markets of the interest for the company:

Company is interested in: Manufacturers in the automotive industry and similar sectors

Additional Information:


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