Inox Ajanović Ltd.


Company name: Inox Ajanović Ltd.

Company ID: 4318384010002

Business sector /sub-sector: Metal processing / Production of machinery and parts

Rosulje 71

74260 Tešanj

+387 32 656 570
+387 61 302 636
+387 61 345 985

+387 32 650 678

Number of employees: 130

Responsible person contact: Dženan Ajanović

International quality standards: ISO 9001-2008

Short company profile:
Company INOX AJANOVIĆ began its operations in 1999, after the current owner Ajanović Dženan returned from Germany, where he studied the structural mechanics (the field of medical equipment) and gained experience in the processing of inox stainless steel. Since then, the company hes undergone the proces of modernization of production followed by the acquisition of new machines and achievement of superior design and quality. These achievements made the work of the company recognizable and respectable in the territories of Bosnia and former Yugoslavia, as well as in Europe. With constant staff training and use of modern technology based on the best solutions in the field of planning and design, inevitably led to the enlargement of assortment. With the entrance into the European market, the comapny has shown a remarkable level of quality in the processing of stainless steel. Our products for the arrangement of the interior and exterior charms with grace and irresistible beauty. Convenience and charm are reflected in the development of catering, confectionery equipment, equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries and medicine. Evidence of our unbeatable quality are highly recognized and appreciated that is evidenced by numerous references within and outside our country.

Product details:
– Stainless steel stairs for architectural applications
– Stainless steel railings
– Yachts Parts
– Architecture and Art
– Stainless steel for furniture industry
– Stainless steel for mechanical Engineering
– Medical / pharmaceutical and laboratory technology
– Food technology
– Stainless steel in packaging industry
– Stainless steel in cleaning Industry
– Other

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: EU

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