HH-Inox Ltd.


Company name: HH-Inox Ltd.

Company ID: 4263591630003

Business sector /sub-sector: Metal Industry

Ćoralići bb

77226 Cazin


+387 37/536-941

+387 37/536-941

Number of employees: 38

Responsible person contact: Osman Gazibara

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2015; 1090-2

Short company profile:
The company HH INOX was founded in 2010, which is 100% owned by the founder and director Hasib Hasanagic. It is engaged in the import, distribution of stainless steel materials (pipes, sheets, supports…) In addition to sales located in two locations in BiH (Sarajevo and Cazin), the company also deals with processing of stainless steel materials in a production area of ​​3,000 square meters. Production is based primarily on the manufacture of fences, stairs and other stainless steel accessories. We have all the necessary equipment for quality processing of stainless steel materials (saws, apkant presses, CNC lathes and machines, Lasers..), all equipment is manufactured by world-renowned manufacturers (Trumf, Esab, LVD, Fronius (). In addition to the processing of stainless steel, the company also deals with the processing of ordinary steel (fire escapes, fences, steel structures for various purposes). We also have electrostatic painting in our production premises. Protection of materials from deterioration… Almost 100% of all our products is for export, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the USA.

Product details:
In order to increase the quality of the product, whether it is stainless steel or standard steel, the company has invested and continues to make huge efforts to achieve the ultimate goal (satisfied customer). Continuous training, education of employees, investment in machines and tools, software, computer equipment, the company HH INOX, both in the domestic and foreign markets, is ranked among the top manufacturers when it comes to quality and deadlines. All our products are in line with European standards and have the necessary certificates for uninterrupted distribution, installation. Graduated mechanical engineers, welders, cnc programmers, cnc operators, assamblers are highly trained and experienced in performing their tasks, whether it is a product that we design or a conceptual solution put before us by the customer. For any product, we use only materials from verified suppliers who have the appropriate certificates for their products and can prove the origin of the goods

Annual production capacity:25t in stainless steel and 32t in ordinary steel
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia

Type of the business partner the company is interested in:
– E-commerce / Online sales
– Supplier
– Joint Venture

Additional Information:
Our company stands out from the competition in terms of equipment, ability of workers, facility, warehouse of raw materials, equipment in production, vehicle fleet, assamblers.

Company Video:

3D Modeli

Awning inox-glass

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Winter garden

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