Hano Ltd


Company name: Hano Ltd

Company ID:4200079230000

Business sector /subsector: Metalprocessing Industry / Production of aluminum glass facades

Vlakovo 584

71210 Ilidža, Sarajevo

+387 33 770 400

387 33 770 401

Number of employees: 144

Responsible person contact: Hasanbegović Nahid

International quality standards: 

Short company profile

HANO is one of the leading companies for the production of aluminum glass facades and aluminum hardware in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond, designing, producing and installing facades at some of the most prestigious facilities in the region, and providing services of the highest quality according to internationally recognized standards.

The name HANO stands as a synonym for the most sophisticated facade constructions. In a period of two decades, the company has developed into a leading company in the field of aluminum in construction (HANO) and processed glass (RAMA-GLAS), not only as a contractor and distributor within the construction sector, but also as an authority in providing complete architectural solutions. The continuous process of research and development, investing in the latest technological solutions and strong commitment and consistency in following internationally recognized relevant standards, have led to HANO gaining an enviable reputation for the quality of its service and innovation in both domestic and foreign markets.

The company owns modern German machines for processing aluminum profiles, production of aluminum facades and aluminum hardware. All equipment is located in about 2550m2 of closed production facilities.


  • Curtain walls
  • Ventilated Facades
  • Architectural Glass
  • Steel and Inox Constructions
  • Powder Coating
  • Transport

The capacity of the installed plants is the production of approximately 1000m2 of facade in one calendar month. The company also has modern equipment for processing aluminum composite panels as well as other types of panels for outdoor use, decorative panels and panels for interior use.

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