FTM Ltd.


Company name: FTM Ltd.

Company ID: 4236003810006

Business sector /sub-sector: Metal Industry / Project production of PVC and ALU joinery and glazed metal structures

Stjepana Tomaševića bb

Novi Travnik


+387 30 790 712

+387 30 792 535

Number of employees: 49

Responsible person contact: Gabriela Rijić

International quality standards: ISO 9001:2015; ISO 45001:2018; ISO 14001:2015

Short company profile:
The company FTM from Novi Travnik was founded on August 20, 1997 with its headquarters in Novi Travnik, BiH. High quality products and related services have become a trademark of FTM®. Thanks to this, the company is now among only a few selected in the region. In the beginning, the primary activity of the company was the production and installation of PVC construction joinery. In order to remain competitive, we gradually moved away from the classic area of ​​windows and doors. The structural diversity of these systems has opened a much wider field of application for us. We focus on the application of innovative tailor-made solutions for complex requirements. JANSEN, KOMMERLING and UNIFORM systems The complete production is located in Novi Travnik.

Product details:
Our special expertise is the design, manufacture and installation of innovative glazed aluminum structures. We always follow the same goal: every customer request is competently resolved!
In the last 3 years, we have been working on the development of erp – program controller for business process management and support to controlling – whose author we are and the program itself as an idea, the logo is protected in the EU, BIH, SERBIA …
Before this new product we are the owner and parametric facade of stretched metal – FTM is also the sole owner and as such we have protected in the EU, BIH, SERBIA TURKEY…

Annual production capacity:
Annual production capacity usage, in %:

Markets of the interest for the company: Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Type of the business partner the company is interested in: – Importer / Distributor / Wholesaler

Additional Information:
FTM has the right and permission to manufacture and install fire protection elements – windows, doors …. for outdoor and indoor use and we are also certified by the Austrian Institute IBS for resale, ie our products meet the elements for the CE mark so we can be supplier of these products.

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FTM Facade

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