Fagus Group Ltd


Company name: Fagus Group Ltd

Company ID: 4401119050005

Business sector /subsector: Wood processing – Production of boards, windows, doors, and pellets

Cara Dušana bb

Kotor Varoš

+387 51 318 880

+387 51 318 880

Number of employees: 27

Responsible person contact: Mr. Branko Malijević, Sales manager

International quality standards: IFT and FSC certificates; CE mark.

Short company profile: FAGUS Group is one of the largest producers based in Southeast Europe. FAGUS owns 8 companies, six of them related to the wood industry, and producing different products from half-edged boards in softwood and hardwood to windows, doors, and pellets. Annually we process more than 150,000 m3 of various wood species, and the product range is being expanded daily.
www.arboreko.biz – Massive wood panels (beech and oak) are manufactured in different dimensions using a fully-automated WEINIG production plant, and in line with the demand and desires of our customers. They are exported to EU markets such as France, Belgium, and Germany. FSC CoC certified.
www.fagushaus.biz – Windows and doors (wood, wood/ aluminum, PVC, and aluminum) are manufactured in many variations and exported mainly to Swiss, German, and Austrian markets. B2b cooperation for big brand leaders is our strong point.
The Fagus Group members deal with processing of hardwood and softwood, exploitation of forests and building of forest roads, production of windows and doors, production of massive panels of beech, oak, fir and spruce, laminated window scantling, pallets and briquettes, sale of oil and oil derivate products as well as catering and hotel management.

Product details:
– Sawn timber Abis
– Sawn timber Nomar
– Sawn timber Silvatika

Massive panels of beech, oak, fir and spruce

– Windows and doors
– Pellet and briquette
– Firewood and firing pieces

Markets of the interest for the company: They are especially focused on markets of EU (Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia), Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, and China.

Company is interested in:
Fagus Group is interested in various types of contacts: buyers (importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, etc.), agents, manufacturers seeking to outsource their production, as well as suppliers of components

Additional Information:
Starting from end pieces of conifers and deciduous trees to windows, doors and pallets, as final products, we annually process more than 150,000 m3 of different wood cultures, with the portfolio of products being increased from one day to the next. The products are sold on the global markets. The Fagus Group makes a significant share of the total economy with its strategic approach to work, human resources, investments, technological development and marketing.


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